Grief Of Emerald

Grief Of Emerald
Christer Bergqvist (Guitar Auberon, Dead Silent Slumber, 6th Awakening, Ravaged, Disorge, Sadistic Grimness), Karl Karlsson (Drums Author of Pain, Sarcastic, Mastema, Third Stone From The Sun , Mäbe, The Protectors), Johnny Lehto (Vocals, Guitar Decameron), Johan Havås (Keyboard), Andreas Hedström (Bass Descending, Mastema, Excessum, Sadistic Grimness), Jonas Blom (Drums), Lena Hjalmarsson (Keyboard Cyphoria), Anders Tång (Bass), Jimmy Karlsson (Guitar), Robert Bengtsson (Keyboard), Dennis Karlsson (Drums), Fredrik Helgesson (Drums Obligatorisk Tortyr, Dawn)


Originally formed under the name of MANDATORY back in 90, a band called EMERALD was given birth after Johnny (ex DECAMERON, ODERU) and Anders (ex NECROFEAST) gathered forces and skipped the gore themes formerly approached in their prior lyrics to a more thoughtful mystical concept. Eventually, Robert (ex ODERU) added the epic feeling with his keyboards in 94. Then, the name of GRIEF OF EMERALD became more fitting to the bands improved style. Drummer Dennis filled in to smash the skins and this line-up completed a demo, entitled The Beginning which resulted on CD on the Scottish label DEVIATION/SPELLCAST. In September 96 the band went on recording their debut full-length album Signs of a stormy past which, due to some delays, never saw the light of the day. Then followed the departure of Dennis who quickly got replaced by a new ultra-tight beat master: Fredrik. GRIEF OF EMERALD signed a multi-album deal with LISTENABLE. They re-recorded the album with this new line-up, and increased the power by adding some new intricate songs. By their boasting harmonies with haunting keyboards, tight double-bass drumming backed by a thick guitar sound and haunting vocals, plus superb packaging, GRIEF OF EMERALD strayed away from the usual light-sounding Scandinavian black/death metal .And with this original sound recorded: Nightspawn (1998) Malformed seed (2000) Christian Termination (2002) Examples of Shows GOE have done and bands they have played with are: Wave Gothic treffen" in Germany (Leipzig) and the "Party San Open Air Festival" (also Germany) Gigs with IMMORTAL, MARDUK, NECROPHOBIC, DEFLESHED, Christ Crushing Tour with SKYFORGER, SEAR BLISS, BESTIAL MOCKERY, OBTEST. After the last tour (Christ Crushing Tour) Grief of Emerald was confronted with line up problems ones again when the bass player and the guitarist left the band. The band fell into a slumber as they tried to find competent musicians to work with, some local shows where done to try out new members but not until 2008 the line up was complete again and the plans of a new record was spawned. A demo called ”Holocaust” was made as well as some live shows around Sweden to attract record companies and after careful consideration a deal was made with NON SERVIAN RECORDS(NSR). A full length album is now recorded containing remakes of three old songs as well as four new tracks. The album will be called”The devil’s deep” and is planed for release in the summer of 2011.

Symphonic black metal