Marcus Asplund Brättberg (Guitar, Back Vocals), John Egnell (Vocals, Bass), Kristofer Kullberg (Keyboard), Ted Sjulmark (Guitar, Back Vocals), Niko Kaukinen (Drums ex-Amon Amarth), Johan "Rambo" Rydberg (Flute, Mandolin, Bagpipes), Cecilia Pintar (Violin), Robin Österberg (Guitar), Henry Persson (Drums), Martin Petterson (Guitar)


Hailing from the north, Sweden's Grimner have not failed to amaze crowds wherever they have performed. Incorporating folk instruments such as flutes and the mandola into their own melodic yet aggressive brand of metal and with lyrics that honour the norse gods and fallen warriors of old, they have taken enthusiasts of both metal and folk music by storm. With some songs dark and brooding, others fast and folkish, Grimner never fail to entertain. The journey began in 2008 and lead to this day, when six vikings from different parts of Sweden stand together, having vowed to pillage and plunder as many countries and towns as they are able! Record label: Despotz Records Discography: 2017: Freja Vakar (Digital single) 2016: Frost Mot Eld (CD/Vinyl/Digital) 2015: De Kom Från Norr (EP) 2014: Blodshymner (CD/Digital) 2012: Färd (EP) 2010: A Call For Battle (Demo) Upcoming shows: 25th May – MC Fabrika, České Budějovice, Czech Republic 26th May – Rock Klub Nová Chmelnice, Prague, Czech Republic 27th May – Barrák Music Club, Ostrava, Czech Republic 29th-1st July – Kilkim Žaibu Festival, Lithuania 19th August – Sabaton Open Air, Sweden 21st September – Iberian Warriors Metal Fest, Spain Past gigs: 2017.03.06 - Sticky Fingers (Gothenburg, Sweden) 2017.02.11 - Cernunnos Pagan Fest (Noisiel, France) 2016.10.07 – Palatset (Linköping, Sweden) 2016.08.27 – Badhusparken (Vara, Sweden) 2016.08.12 – Belsepub (Gothenburg, Sweden) 2016.07.01 – Hörnerfest (Brande-Hörnerkirchen, Germany) 2016.06.30 – KUZ (Osterholz-Scharmbeck, Germany) 2016.06.28 – De Bakkerij (Castricum, Netherlands) 2016.06.27 – Café de Meister (Geleen, Netherlands) 2016.06.26 – Café Altstadt (Eindhoven, Netherlands) 2017.04.02 – Ragnarök Festival (Lichtenfels, Germany) 2016.03.26– Bomber Bar (Motala, Sweden) 2016.03.12 – Viborg Metal Festival (Viborg, Denmark) 2016.03.11 – Arg Musikgala (Herrljunga, Sweden) 2016.02.12 – Where’s The Music (Norrköping, Sweden) 2015.12.12 – Bar Bäkkäri (Helsinki, Finland) 2015.12.11 – Varjobaari (Tampere, Finland) 2015.12.10 – Ravintola Torvi (Lahti, Finland) 2015.11.14 – PSB (Stockholm, Sweden) 2015.11.13 – Palatset (Linköping, Sweden) 2015.09.27 – Sticky Fingers (Gothenburg, Sweden) Korpiklaani support 2015.09.26 – Kulturhuset (Örebro, Sweden) Korpiklaani support 2015.09.25 – Klubben (Stockholm, Sweden) Korpiklaani support 2015.08.29 – Belsepub (Gothenburg, Sweden) 2015.03.21 – High Voltage (Copenhagen, Denmark) More past gigs: ----

In 2018 Swedish folkmetallers Grimner celebrate their 10th anniversary and released a new album “Vanadrottning” on February 9!