V.O. Pulver (Vocals, Guitar Poltergeist, Pulver, ex-Carrion, ex-Messiah (live member)), Pat Müller (Guitar, Back Vocals ex-Umount, ex-Cryonix, ex-Acid, ex-Evereve (live member)), Franky Winkelmann (Bass, Back Vocals Pulver, ex-The Lie, ex-Umount), Steve Karrer (Drums [since 2009], ex-Curare, ex-Infected, ex-Messiah, ex-Pulver, ex-Mirto Massaker), Marek Felis (Bass [1994-1999], Poltergeist, ex-Cryonix (live member)), Andrej Abplanalp (Bass [2000-2002], The Order, ex-Jerk, ex-Swamp Terrorists), Tobias Roth (Drums [1994-1999]), Phil (Guitar [1995-2000]), Tommy Baumgärtner (Guitar [1994-1995]), Bruno Spring (Guitar, Back Vocals The Order, ex-Jerk), Mauro Casciero (aka Tschibu) (Drums [1999-2009], Pulver, The Order, ex-Jerk)

GURD was formed back in early 1994 out of the ashes of the Swiss power-thrash metal legend Poltergeist.

Stylistically, GURD decided to take a step into a rather different direction, as they preferred a more modern and crunchy sound to metal. Between 1995 and 1998, they released 4 critically well-acclaimed albums (gurD/1995, Addicted/1995, D-Fect/1996, Down The Drain/1998) and played several tours ands shows with acts like Slayer, Venom, Prong, Annihilator, The Spudmonsters, Biohazard, Destruction, Schweisser, Life Of Agony, Stuck Mojo, Pro-Pain or Such A Surge.

The Dynamo Open-Air appearance in 1996 was an early highlight for GURD and secured them a new record deal with Century Media Records. With their album ‚Bedlam‘ (2000), the band started to shift their musical focus more and more towards their Thrash-Metal influences. After the 2003 Album ‚Encounter‘ they released a CD/DVD package called ‚10 Years Of Addiction’ to their 10th anniversary, filmed at their ‚home-club‘ Z-7. 2 Albums and several tours later (Bang!/2006, Your Drug Of Choice/2008), they signed a deal with NoiseArt Records and released their ninth album ‚Never Fail‘ in 2011, followed by a big european tour with Dark Tranquility and Eluveitie.

in 2012 they appeared on the Metal Fest Festival Tour. In 2013 they split up with NoiseArt/RTN.

GURD’s new album ‚Fake’ is finally finished and will be released in Switzerland by LC Records/Nonstop in their 20th Anniversary year 2014! The release for the rest of the world is set for January 19th 2015 through Czar of Bullets/Plastic Head. GET READY FOR THE PIT !!!