Guttural Secrete

Guttural Secrete
Michael Christian Fitzgerald (Drums [since 2002]), Randall James Thompson (Guitar [since 2004], Euphegenia), Bruno "Quezada" Macias (Bass [2010-2011] [since 2012]), Jeremiah Blue Jensen (Vocals, Guitar [since 2002], Euphegenia), Michael Tocci (Bass [2002-2004]), Matt Goldberg (Vocals, Bass [2006-2008], ex-Weirding Way, ex-The Abominable Iron Sloth, ex-Misericordiam), James Eirikr (Vocals, Bass [2002-2003], Breath Of Sorrows), Ryan Fischel (Vocals, Guitar), Mark Shepard (Guitar [2003-2004]), Jason Cousins (Guitar)

We drank a lot of beers over the years.

So we can't really remember. Started 2002ish and we're still going.

That's about all I got for ya'..

Curruently finishing up the writing process for our second full length entitled "Nourishing the Spoil". Recording is set to begin November 4th, 2011.