Guttural Slug

Guttural Slug
Mikkel Sørensen (Guitar, Drums ex-Devouring The Deceased), Mauro G (Vocals [2012-2013]), Samantha Smith (Vocals, Bass [2013-2015], Ennoea, Fight The Demiurge, ex-Broken Anatomy, ex-Break The Sky, ex-Five Years Into Forever, ex-Tenebrae, ex-Unknown And Broken)

Guttural Slug began in April 2012 when Mauro and Mikkel started the band as a side-project from their band Devouring the Deceased.

After the collapse of Devouring the Deceased, the two began to focus on Guttural Slug full time. Soon after, they released the 2012 demo Intercranial Purgatory.

In 2013, their debut album Megalodon was released via Rotten Roll Rex. In May of 2013 Mauro decided to leave the band due to personal reasons. Mikkel began the search for a replacement soon after, and in June of 2013 Mikkel recruited Samantha Smith (Ennoea, Fight the Demiurge, Broken Anatomy) of America on vocals.

Samantha also took over bass duties from Mikkel, freeing him to focus on the guitar and drum writing. They released the single Atrocities later that year, and are currently working on the as yet untitled followup to Megalodon, due out in early 2015..

Guttural Slug is a Slamming Brutal Death Metal band, consisting of Mikkel Sørensen (Guitars, Drums, Bass, Sampling) & Anthony Davis (Vocals)