Hail Spirit Noir

Hail Spirit Noir
Haris (Keyboard Transcending Bizarre), Theoharis Lirantzakis (Vocals, Guitar Transcending Bizarre), Dimitris Dimitrakopoulos (Vocals session member), Ioannis Giahoudis (Drums session member), Dim Giahoudis (Bass session member)

Hail Spirit Noir was founded in the dawn of 2010 by Haris and Theoharis.

Towards the end of 2011, the band joined forces with Code666/Aural music for a worldwide release of the debut album ‘Pneuma’ in the spring of 2012. The album was warmly received both by listeners and critics and thus the band soldiered on satisfied with their experiment's success. Come 2013, the trio gathered once more to review ideas and begin composing for their sophomore effort.

While maintaining the distinct ‘retro yet modern’ style of their debut, they tried to take things even further creating a sound once again all their own. The result was the band’s second album, ‘Oi Magoi’, a psychoprog black metal album of trippy melodies and satyric ecstasy .


CONTACT: hailspiritnoirband@yahoo.com