Hallows Eve

Hallows Eve
Doyle Bright (Guitar Rigor Mortis, Two Pronged Crown), Tommy Stewart (Bass, Back Vocals Lestregus Nosferatus, Warrior), Chris Abbamonte (Guitar), Stacy Anderson (Vocals Metalmorphosis , Warrior), Jim Gorman (Drums), Jon Kilgore (Guitar (2006-2007)), Brandon Ottinger (Guitar (2004-2007)), Sean Vinson (Guitar (2006-2006)), Steve "Skullator" Shoemaker (Vocals, Guitar Vocals (2004-2006) , Guitar (1983-1985, 2004-2006)), Dwayne Monk (Guitar (2004-2004)), Pete Palumbo (Guitar (1991-1993)), Steve Cannon (Vocals (2004-2004)), David Stuart (Guitar (1983-1990)), Jeff Kiney (Vocals (1992-1993)), Reggie Rufin (Vocals (1990-1991)), Dane Jensen (Drums (2004-2007), Lestregus Nosferatus), Tym Helton (Drums (1983-1984, 1985-1987)), Ronnie Appoldt (Drums (1984-1985)), Rob Clayton (Drums (1987-1988)), Tom Knight (Drums (1988-1989)), Paul Kopchinski (Drums (1988-1988)), Steve Hofer (Drums (1992-1993)), Derek McQuithy (Drums (1993-1993)), Mike Anderson (Drums (1990-1992, 2005))

Doyle Bright = Rigor Mortis = Hallows Eve = SOG.

Formed in 2015 by Doyle Bright of the bands Rigor Mortis and Hallows Eve. SOG features the best, hand picked major players in the Atlanta music circuit. Drummer Dane Jensen is a core member/ owner of SOG, and has also played in Hallows Eve. The first SOG album was released July 10th, 2015. By mid 2016 the band was signed to Violent Creek Records and the 2nd SOG album was released March 10th, 2017. Album 3 is slated for mid to late 2020. SOG - THE GIFT OF AGGRESSION SOG - GOD COMPLEX Label: Violent Creek Records Management: Violent Propaganda https://facebook.com/sogthrash SOG stuff: https://sogmetal.threadless.com/ SOG lyrics: https://genius.com/SOGMETAL SOG YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe3WCvKI_Jxe0XuWnpyJxUA SOG website: https://sogmetal.wixsite.com/sogmetal

Doyle Bright = Rigor Mortis = Hallows Eve = SOG