Hanging Garden (FIN)

Hanging Garden (FIN)
Mikko Kolari (Guitar [since 2004], Sham Rain), Jussi Hämäläinen (Guitar, Back Vocals [since 2009]), Jussi Kirves (Bass [since 2011], Inland, ex-Endomorphism), Anti Ruokola (Drums [since 2010], Minutian, ex-Diablerie, ex-Dramatuner), Nino Hynninen (Keyboard Clockwork Spirit, ex-Raakku, ex-Amarantine), Toni Toivonen (Vocals [since 2010], 2nd Suicide, Clockwork Spirit, ex-Raakku, ex-Amarantine), Ari Nieminen (Vocals [2004-2010], founder member, Dauntless, Exit Wounds (FIN), ex-Caledonian, ex-Dauntless), Saku Manninen (Guitar [2005-2009], Exit Wounds (FIN)), Matti Reinola (Bass, Keyboard [2004-2011], founder member, Sham Rain, ex-Grayscale, ex-Four Bitches), Janne "Perversor" Jukarainen (Drums [2004-2010], Beezebub, Sham Rain, ex-Gaurithoth, ex-Grayscale, ex-Naildown, ex-Source Of Demise)

Hanging Garden was given birth in 2004, playing heavy, doom-oriented metal music.

Fifteen years, six albums and numerous line-up changes later, the bands style has evolved to a more melodic, contemporary sound. While still retaining strong roots in metal music, Hanging Garden now possesses a versatile, many-layered style of playing, drawing influence and inspiration from music and art far and wide. First started as a brainchild of Matti Reinola and Ari Nieminen, the band with a complete line-up was put together in 2005.

Soon signed by Spikefarm, the band’s first album, Inherit the Eden, was released in 2007, followed by a more post-metal sounding TEOTWAWKI in 2009. The third album, At Every Door, featuring several line-up changes, was released by Lifeforce Records in 2013. On said album, Nino Hynninen had joined the band playing keyboards, Antti Ruokola had taken the place of Janne Jukarainen in drums, Toni Toivonen had replaced Ari Nieminen on vocals, and Jussi Kirves was recruited as the bassist after Matti Reinola had left the band.

Style-wise, the band had taken a significant step away from the classic doom genre on At Every Door, flirting with various styles and genres beyond metal. The fourth album, to be released in September 2015, titled Blackout Whiteout, takes this change further; the new album has incorporated classical instruments, varying vocal styles, and boasts a many-faced dramatic arc spanning from crushing heaviness to ethereal mellow tunes, and back again. Just after the completion of Blackout Whiteout, Antti Ruokola leaves the band. Sami Forsstén, known to many of the members from earlier projects, fills the vacant seat. Blackout Whiteout is followed in 2017 by "I Am Become", drawing themes from different aspects of death, passing and departure. Latest full-length album, Into That Good Night, depicts fictive narratives of the impending collapse of civilization.

Riikka Hatakka, who has lent her voice to the few previous releases, joins the band as a full-time member..

While retaining roots in metal music, Hanging Garden possesses a versatile style of playing, drawing influence and inspiration from music and art.