Heathen Foray

Heathen Foray
Bernd S. Zahn (aka Zhuan) (Guitar [since 2007]), Markus Wildinger (Bass [since 2008]), Alexander Wildinger (Guitar [since 2010]), Markus Kügerl (Drums [since 2011], Ars Amatoria), Robert Schroll (Vocals [since 2006], Alphayn), Franz Löchinger (Drums [2009-2011], ex-Goddamned X, ex-Trashcanned, ex-Vanitas), Markus Engert (Bass [2006-2009]), Daniel Koinegg (Guitar [2005-2006]), Safet Pehlic (Guitar [2006-2007]), C. Michael Hofbauer (Drums [2005-2009]), Jürgen Brüder (Guitar)

Forest (Demo) 2007 The Passage 2009 Armored Bards 2010 Inner Force 2013 Into Battle 2015.

Heathen metal straight from the verdant green heart of Austria! Their heavy melodies and enthralling performance on stage will drag you into the world of norse myth! They sing of freedom, loyalty, friendship - of the golden spark carried within all those people who keep on fighting against vagaries of fate and the world's injustices, which won't ever let them falter! Their music unites the mysterious grace of the realm of gods, the impulsiveness of the human race and the immortality of nature by way of enthralling riffs and virtuosic guitar solos!

We are a #melodicdeathmetal #band from #Austria. Listen to our music on #bandcamp: heathenforay.bandcamp.com Booking and contact: info@heathenforay.com