Nicolas Marco (Keyboard [since 2011]), Pierre-Emmanuel "Piwee" Desfray (Drums [since 2009], ex-Fairyland, Myrath), Olivier Lapauze (Guitar, Back Vocals [since 2004]), Matthieu Plana (Bass [since 2004]), Benjamin Sotto (Vocals founder member, ex-Twilight), Maxence Pilo (Drums founder member), Chris Savourey (Guitar ex-Broken Edge), Charley Corbiaux (Guitar, Back Vocals [since 2001-2011], ex-Memoria, ex-Hors Normes, ex-Malpractis, ex-The Gust), Anthony Parker (Guitar ex-Fairyland), Thomas Das Neves (Drums), Frédéric Leclercq (Guitar, Keyboard), Pierre-Emmanuel Pélisson (Bass), Laurent Jean (Bass)

From the very second French band HEAVENLY entered the world of power metal (Paris, 1994), their passion was evident; to play to their strengths not denying their influences; Gamma Ray and Helloween, but also to take their influences forward building on them and taking them to their natural conclusion. Their debut album "Coming From The Sky” came in 2000.

HEAVENLY had earned their record contract by leaving literally hundreds of other bands behind them in the online-competition 'Be Your Own Label Boss', the aim to let music fans vote for he band that should be signed by a company, but no one could believe that Heavenly would be so bold and so confident. Noise Records dutifully released the album, which was produced by Piet Sielck (Iron Savior) and which also featured a guest appearance by Kai Hansen of Gamma Ray / Helloween - the ultimate vote of confidence for a band that had grown up listening to his music. HEAVENLY supported Symphony X and toured impressively with Stratovarius and Silent Force at the end of that year.

One year later the young bunch returned with their second album "Sign Of The Winner” – a sure-fire winner indeed. Produced by Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Pretty Maids) and the band themselves, this record showed HEAVENLY continuing their vibrant mission, this time with even more progressive elements and a tremendous writing style that defied their youth.

As support to Edguy they went on a six-week tour throughout Europe, and followed that with an impressive appearance at the Wacken Open Air Festival. After just one year on the road, HEAVENLY struck back with their third release: “Dust To Dust“, and again they presented themselves as a band maturing and greatly improved.

Songs like "Lust For Life“ or the very fast "Evil“ showed them reaching a new level of technical skill and brilliance. The album sold not only well in France, but also received great reviews from all over Europe and hit the long-play LP charts in Finland! Now a brand new virus threatens the scene.

We're talking of course, about HEAVENLY's newest effort, simply entitled "Virus“. HEAVENLY it seems, have exceeded themselves, brought their own style to perfection and simply delivered the best album of their career so far.

If you've listened to songs such as "Liberty“ or "Spill Blood On Fire“ yet you won't want to miss the rest. From January 26th, the 'Melodic Metal Virus' will be out there, released! Let it infect you….!.

Latest Album : Carpe Diem