Hecate Enthroned

Hecate Enthroned
Andy (Guitar [since 1997]), Nigel (Guitar [since 1993], founder member), Dylan Hughes (Bass [since 1997], Art Of Mutilation), Pete (Keyboard [since 2004]), Elliot Beaver (Vocals [since 2013], Aeternum, Phyrexia, Mørktår, ex-WolfSword), Gareth Hardy (Drums [since 2012]), Paul Massey (Bass [1996-1997], Thus Defiled, ex-Mephisto (UK), ex-Reign Of Erebus), Robert "Rob" Kendrick (Drums [since 1996], Art Of Mutilation, ex-Necropsy (UK)), Mark Watson-Jones (Bass ex-Blacklisted (UK)), Ian Maiden (Vocals), Daz (Keyboard [1999-2004]), Dagon (Vocals [2004], Frostwork, Heathen Deity), Jon Kennedy (Vocals [1993-1994] [1995-1999], founder member, ex-Cradle Of Filth), Dean Seddon (Vocals [1999-2004]), Craig (Drums [1995-1996]), Michael (Keyboard [1996-1999], ex-Mephisto (UK)), Steven (Guitar), Mark (Guitar [1993-1997])

BRUTAL EPIC SCORNFUL METAL SINCE 1995 HECATE ENTHRONED emerged as one of the most intense bands to come out of the Black Death Metal scene.

Dedicated to delivering their own brand of truly evil metal with little regard to politics or the trends of popular demand. FIRST OUT OF THE BLACKNESS OF HELL 1995: The now legendary demo AN ODE FOR A HAUNTED WOOD was recorded in The Academy Studios - Yorkshire under producer Mags and was quickly spread throughout the burgeoning underground scene. This genuinely brutal and haunting demo gave fans the first doorway into HECATE ENTHRONED’S twisted and dark world; a demon inhabited world of black witchcraft and despair backed by the bands early and evocative live shows.

1996: The newly initiated didn’t have to wait long for their next fix when later that year the band went back into The Academy Studio to re-mix the demo as the EP UPON PROMEATHEAN SHORES – UNSCRIPTURED WATERS, released the following year by BLACKEND RECORDS to rave reviews and enthusiastic fans. This release saw the start of the BLACKEND years and the video AN ODE FOR A HAUNTED WOOD accompanied the release on MTV being one of the first Extreme Black Metal bands to be featured on this channel. ASTRIDE THE DRAGON 1997: With an expectant and hungry fan base established from those first raw releases HECATE ENTHRONED entered The Winding Studios in North Wales during January 1997 with legendary producer Andy Sneap.

This enthusiastic partnership produced the classic first full length album THE SLAUGHTER OF INNOCENCE, A REQUIEM FOR THE MIGHTY. With its iconic cover from the lens of Simon Marsden and music focused by the isolated North Wales environment and the bands inner dark hatred, a true classic of Orchestral Black Metal was born along with the art of Blasting Symphonic Destruction. INFLICTING INFERNAL INJURIES 1998: Seizing on the success of the first full length attack, mid 1998 see’s the release of the second full length album; the opus DARK REQUIEMS AND UNSILENT MASSACRE.

This album takes the craft and mood from THE SLAUGHTER OF INNOCENCE… and intensifies it. Faster, darker, heavier with bigger orchestration, each track oozes satanic hatred for all that man believes sacred, a masterpiece of blasphemy.

Back in The Winding Studios with well respected producer Pete ‘pee wee’ Coleman gave the album a rich and dark production projecting the listener in to a shadowed world of black witchcraft and sexual power. Taking these early releases to the stages of Europe built HECATE ENTHRONED’S reputation as a destructive live act, delivering performances drenched with hate. This year also saw the re-release of the first EP UPON PROMEATHEAN SHORES – UNSCRIPTURED WATERS, re-packaged and re-mastered with a reworking of the track DANSE MACABRE from THE SLAUGHTER OF INNOCENCE…album and a new track the fearsome, LUCIFERIAN DEATH CODE.

This re-release showed the metal scenes affinity to this legendary release. A SEXUAL COPULATION BETWEEN BLACK AND DEATH METAL DEMONS 1999: With the art of Blasting Symphonic Destruction nailed to the HECATE ENTHRONED banner the bands desire for brutality and carnage is sated with the 3rd full length album KINGS OF CHAOS. This album showed their diverse nature and skill along with the bands ‘FUCK YOU!’ attitude to drive forward and produce the music that eats away at the blackest of souls.

With Pete Coleman at the helm again this time in Parr Street Studios - Liverpool, this album gave metal fans a heavy slab of diseased meat tenderized in a ritualistic chainsaw armed blender. A mirror image of the epic live shows of that time. One of the finest Black/Death crossover albums of the decade! EXPERIMENT TO EVISCARATE 2001: The desire to create and evolve saw HECATE ENTHRONED in The Elevator Studios – Liverpool, again with long term producer Pete Coleman.

The collaboration this time resulted in 6 tracks of a more experimental nature for the aptly titled EP MIASMA. Blending the art of dark songwriting and the satanic mind set to produce a breathless attack on the senses, all out brutality tempered with a more twisted ponderous approach to show the bands fearless attitude to move between the realms of creativity and pure musical heresy. ARISEN AGAIN, DARKEST MOON 2004: Recorded in Blue Room Studios – Manchester and Produced by Phil Green along with the band; REDIMUS shows a distinctly nasty edge, an aggressive album echoing HECATE ENTHRONED’S live performances.

Full of venom and fury the tracks thunder along a familiar path of anti-Christian ideology and the intent to destroy all in their way. Huge orchestration again to match the vicious guitar assault keeping true to the bands sickening legacy while delivering a fresh approach to the song writing with thoughtful arrangements amidst the malevolent maelstrom.

This album was the last for BLACKEND RECORDS. The band continues to play intensely aggressive live shows all over Europe, devastating stages at major festivals and club venues alike. BLOOD OF THE WITCH AWAKENS 2013 sees the band signing a new album deal with Italian label CRANK MUSIC GROUP and the release of the highly anticipated studio album VIRULENT RAPTURE is announced for the end of November 2013 with a mini UK Tour to support the release.

This album promises to continue and enhance HECATE ENTHRONED’s legacy of powerful, high quality extreme metal. Recorded at VELOCITY RAPTOR STUDIOS Birkenhead, Engineered and Produced by Mike Smith, Mixed by Mike Smith, Hecate Enthroned and Kami Kopat. Prepare to be destroyed! BEWARE THE TRIPLE GODDESS THE MOTHER OF DEATH, YOU ARE FOREVER BENEATH HER GAZE HECATE ENTHRONED - BESM .

Brutal Epic Scornful Metal

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