Paul O'Shea (Bass), Michael Jordan Brush (Drums), Danny Guy (Guitar), M.S. "Scruff" Lewty (Vocals, Guitar), Scotty (Bass), Simo (Bass), Martin "Hairy" Harrison (Drums), Grant (Vocals), Blobb (Guitar), Phil (Drums), Drew Wright (Bass), Ali Lee (Guitar), Brian Newton (Drums)

Hellbastard formed in the ass end of 1984/5.

First demo tape "Ripper Crust" released 1986. Each year after something was released - usually vinyl.

Since then the band split in 1991 and reformed in 2008, currently writing new album to follow up "The need to kill...." ,"Eco War" & "Sons of Bitches" cd's (2008/9/13). Expect a tirade of ranting, anger, nasty little nuggets of rage and some class musicianship from current members - New album (2014/2015) "FERAL" released to critical acclaim & more headlining tours of USA & EUROPE.

Huge festival dates and then some,.. Expect NEW EP/ALBUM 2017.

Scruff Lewty - Vocals/Guitars Jake Martin - Bass/ Backing Vocals Jude Milk - Guitars/Backing Vocals Jon Rushforth - Drums/Percussion.

Support the underdog & hail the mighty riff.