Hellish War

Hellish War
Daniel Person (Drums), Vulcano (Guitar Depthless), Alexandre Jr. (Bass Depthless, Abscess (BRA), Guilhotina (BRA)), Daniel Job (Guitar, Keyboard), Bill Martins (Vocals DarkWitch, ex-Heavenly Kingdom), Roger Hammer (Vocals), Thalita (Vocals), Gustavo Gostautas (Bass), Marcos (Vocals, Bass ex-Depthless), Jayr Costa (Drums)

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HELLISH WAR is the most ‘European’ band from Brazil! Since when the band was formed, back in 1995, its sonority is based on the 80th’s Heavy Metal made in England and Germany. While other contemporary bands were forcing a supposed renovation of the style, HELLISH WAR’s musicians were simply following their hearts playing what they most liked. Musical sincerity and devotion for the True Heavy Metal! Since the band’s first demo tape, The Sign (1996), HELLISH WAR is conquering the European market. Defender Of Metal, the debut from 2001, released by Megahard Records, was well promoted outside Brazil and some copies of the Brazilian edition were exported to Europe. Today the album is a cult, being considered by some old school German metalheads as “the best Brazilian Heavy Metal album of all time”. Besides, Heroes Of Tomorrow, from 2008, brought the technical evolution that everybody was expecting. The response from the European media to the album could not be better. "Heroes Of Tomorrow is an album that many European bands would like to have released…” published back then the Greek site Metal Temple. The success in Europe soon yielded an international contract to the band. The respected German record label Pure Steel Records (Halloween, Anacrusis, Aska, Sabbat, Mortician, etc) released the two albums of the band in a 2-CD set for the entire European territory. Result? Success of sales! Discography released, success of press and audience, it was only missing a HELLISH WAR tour over Europe – in this terms only Brazil had proved the fire power of the band on stage, where the band was playing live frequently, including some important opening-act shows for Saxon in Curitiba/PR and for UDO in Sao Paulo/SP. The first HELLISH WAR’s European Tour started to be planned with an invitation for the band to play at the eighth edition of SwordBrothers Festival, one of the main and most respected German Festivals specialized in Old School Metal. Before the band to embark, Roadie Crew, the most important rock/metal magazine from Brazil, published a two pages interview with the band under the title “HELLISH WAR – Conquering The World”. Baptized as "European First Assault Tour", HELLISH WAR played eight shows through Germany, Belgium and Switzerland, including four festivals shows: "Back To Rock Festival" in Reiden/Switzerland, "Razorblade Festival" in Dattlen/Germany (two nights) and the already mentioned “SwordBrothers Festival” – according to audience and the organizers of the event, HELLISH WAR and the legendary Omen did the two best shows of that year’s edition of the festival. "The result of our first European tour was excellent," said drummer Daniel Person. "The reception to our live shows was incredible. All our gigs had a great audience and the CDs and merchandise sales also were excellent. The final assessment is that the tour was an absolute success, definitely." The successful first HELLISH WAR’s European Tour is now registered on Live In Germany, the third album of the band’s career. Live In Germany was recorded on 18th and 19th of September 2009 during the two shows that the band played at "Razorblade Festival" in Germany. The sound was captured live by the German sound engineer Oliver Okunneck. The mixing and mastering was left to Vulcano, the band's guitar player. Live In Germany brings tracks from the entire career of the band, interpreted by a line-up that is together for more than eight years. This is also the first release by the band’s new Brazilian record label, Hellion Records, one of the biggest labels and distribution company of the entire Latin America. "The launch of Live in Germany is a very important chapter in Hellish War's career," says Daniel. "And nothing better than to have all the experience and structure of Hellion Records now! We have several plans already set for the next two years and having Hellion as our partner is a great incentive, besides being a great pride to continue with our foot on the accelerator on the road of Metal!" Live in Germany is not just the first live effort by HELLISH WAR, but the consolidation of almost 15 years playing Heavy Metal music with heart and soul. Moreover, an opportunity for fans, in Europe, Brazil or from the entire world, to feel how memorable was the "European First Assault Tour". Metal Still Burns!

Hellish War - Traditional Heavy Metal from Brazil