Stef Mikolajczyk· (Guitar), Fab C (Guitar), David Lagarrigue (Bass), Guillaume Martins (Vocals), Morgan Sansous (Drums)

Henker was formed by Morgan and Laurent in Paris around 2003 and released a self-titled demo in 2005.

From then on the band started sharing the stage with several bands such as: Benighted, Zuul FX, Dying Fetus, Origin, etc. The band recorded their first full album 'Slave Of My Art' in 2009.

The album was released in 2010 and still available on CD, or streaming on various platforms. The following years Henker went into hiatus, because of the busy lives of everyone involved, but Morgan was determined to continue this project.

He found Stef Mikolajczyk (ex-Shattered Skull) to be a fitting replacement on guitar and songwriting. After starting to write new music, they asked Sven Poets (ex-Shattered Skull, ex-Disinterred) and Jackson Black (Goliath Guitars) to join the line-up on vocals and bass.

With this new line-up, Henker is back and ready for action. New music is currently being written and recorded.

Artwork is in development, and we will share new stuff with you in the coming months. They continue to be inspired by technical riff-oriƫnted Death Metal and Japan/Samourai Culture..

First album 'Slave Of My Art' is still available on www.brutalhenker.bandcamp.com! New music is coming soon!