Heretic (NL)

Heretic (NL)
Tony Hellfire (Bass Sapiens End), Thomas Goat (Vocals, Bass ex-Christfighter), Jimmy Blitzer (Bass [since 2014]), Tom Auf Der Axe (Drums [since 2014]), Melek Taus (Drums), Hellbastard (Drums [2011-2014], Angel Of Damnation, Nocturnal, ex-Stone Cold, ex-Front Beast, ex-Terrorazor), Pest (Guitar, Bass), Tom Doom (Drums), Hellfire (Bass, Drums), Death-Beat Messiah (Drums), Lord Profane (Drums ex-Satans Mayhem)

Heretic is a league of their own for 20 years now: no compromises, no pretentious bull***, just pure filth! This amount of sleaze even makes Venom want to put in their earplugs. ‘Underdogs of the Underworld’ is Heretic's 5th full-length album.

The band has been working hard last year, writing and recording songs. The 10 songs of this album have stood the test: all killers, no fillers. The band managed to capture their live energy like never before.

This record makes you want to $%&*, scream, punch and bang your head like a maniac. Imagine this: Motörhead and the Misfits have an illegitimate son growing up listening to Celtic Frost and Slayer. This record sounds like that kid's first garage band. ‘Underdogs of the Underworld’ is a wasteland full of creatures that will haunt you until the end of days.

Black metal punk aficionados from around the world are getting ready to burn the world!.