Hildr Valkyrie

Hildr Valkyrie
Hildr Valkyrie (aka Queen of Hades) (Vocals, Back Vocals, All instruments Athlos, Folkearth, ex-Astarte, ex-Folkodia, ex-Uruk-Haï (AUT), ex-Voluspaa, ex-Lloth), Owain ap Arawn (Guitar, Back Vocals session member, Annwn, Athlos, ex-Folkearth)

Hildr Valkyrie is the first Hellenic one woman band.

Started in 2003 and exists till nowadays. Hildr Valkyrie has not many releases herself, but has done a lot of collaborations with many bands worldwide as a result to appear in more than 45 different releases so far.

Hildr Valkyrie is also a member of Folkearth (from the second album) and Folkodia (from the first one). Back in the year of 2003... After long time of pointless tries with other bands Hildr Valkyrie decided to create her own one-woman band and so, from the imagination the band took "flesh and bones". In 2004... Hildr Valkyrie started to work on her own material and released her first solo album. The self-financed CD "Deceitful Fate" featuring 9 tracks and 1 cover from Falkenbach, which received many good reviews worldwide.

Epic tunes and angelic vocals were the result of Hildr's inspiration. This combination was never performed by any other band from Hellas-Greece. In 2005... Hildr Valkyrie started working on her second CDemo "To Walhall Shall Meet", but was not that happy with the initial result, especially with the guitar sound as the second CDemo was about to be even more metal than the first one.

Guitarist Alboin worked with her, as a session guitarist player and the new CDemo was re-recorded from the very beginning with better results... CDemo "To Walhall Shall Meet" was never released, except by rough versions of it on the Internet.

During 2006... Being inspired by the music of Falkenbach, Hildr Valkyrie paid homage to this one-man band and made a cover (with the help of Alboin on guitars) which appeared on "An Homage to Falkenbach" with the song "The Heralder" from the LP Version of "En Their Medh Riki Fara" Album and was released by Skaldic Art Prod. In this year become a member of Folkearth releasing in August the first album with them and the second for the band called "By The Sword Of My Father" which played key parts, female vocals and wrote the music for the song "Returne to Waelhalle". Also become a session female vocalist of Uruk Hai (Aut) and released the album Lothlorien (Othal Productions) in December. In May of 2007... "Drakkars In The Mist" (Stygian Crypt Productions) album was released from Folkearth with the participation of Hildr Valkyrie on Female Vocals, Keys and Drum programing at the track "De Tause Fjel".

In August got proposal to join Folkodia. In July Hildr joined Voluspaa, a one-man band from Norway as a session vocalist for his mcd "En Tid Tilbake". Later on Hildr took part to the Compilation of V/A "Celtiberia War Vol.1" with one track from the CDemo "Deceitful Fate". In 2008... Hildr Valkyrie with the help on guitars from Alboin -Germany- and Aled Pashley -Wales- released the first bands CD with the title "Shield Brothers Of Valhalla" from Stygian Crypt.

Thanos -Hellas- recorded his special vocals for the track "To Walhall Shall Meet". The album features 8 tracks plus 2 covers which are Falkenbach's Havamal and Bathory's Ring of Gold.

"As result we have new good stuff into Viking style. Here isn't standard Viking metal, because here aren't tons of guitar riffs and chaotic drumming, but here are just folkloric melodies with ambient touches..." Reviewed by "deadshop" In January "Father of Victory" (Stygian Crypt Productions) album from Folkearth has been released with the participation of Hildr on Female Vocals and wrote the music for the track "Carmina Bellica".

Few months later in June the acoustic album of Folkearth "Songs of Yure" (Stygian Crypt Productions) released with the participation of Hildr on Female Vocals. At the end of the year in October another album by Folkearth released by the title "Fatherland" (Stygian Crypt Productions) with Hildr participating on Female Vocals. In June, the first album from Folkodia "Odes from the Past" was released and Hildr participated on Female Vocals.

Also during this year Hildr Valkyrie joined Kabeiros on Female Vocals, which is a Hellenic Folk band and the music has influences from the Ancient Hellenic Music. Kabeiros is a side-project from the well known Hellenic Black Metal band Kawir.

With this band Hidr had just 2 live shows which took part during 2008 and 2009. In this year has been released a Tribute to Bathory (Label Unknown) with the title "Covers Compilation Vol.1" which Hildr's cover "Ring of Gold" from "Shield Brothers Of Valhalla" appears in this Tribute. Unfortunately we have no further details for this "mysterious" tribute.

The first Guest appearance of Hildr was to the Hellenic Band Sacred Blood to their album "The Battle Of Thermopylae: The Chronicle" (Eat Metal Records) In 2009... Hildr asked from Athlos a Hellenic Epic-Power-Folk Metal Band to join as Session Female Vocalist to their album "In the Shroud of Legendry - Hellenic Myths of Gods and Heroes" released by Secret Port Records. In April the second album of Folkodia "In a Time of Legends" was released and Hildr except from the usual participation on Female Vocals, did her "Debut" to Rough Vocals on the tracks "Viking Pride" and "Ride to Tannenberg". On October the 7th album of Folkearth released with the title "Rulers of the Sea" (Stygian Crypt Productions) and Hildr participated on Female Vocals.

The Highlight of the year was obviously the Tribute to Summoning "And in the Darkness Bind Them..." which Hildr took part with her cover "Farewell" from the album "Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame" with Aled Pashley on guitars and male vocals and Lady of Carnage (Christina) - DVKE on the orchestral female vocals. In 2010... Hildr did a Guest appearance on Kawir EP "To Uranus" (Those Opposed Records) which released in January, with other two Guest Vocalists Thiseas-Lykos and Sakis from Rotting Christ. Later on Hildr took part to the Compilation from the Odinic Rite Media called Folk Spirit - "A Compilation of Odinist Artists" with the song "Valkyrjas Spoken Words" from the album "Shield Brothers Of Valhalla". A much appreciated Band from Spain, Elffor, on February, released "Fostbitten Pain" (Self-released) and Hildr took part as Guest Vocalist to the track "Instinct's Enslavement". In 2011... Hildr recorded a song for the compilation of Odinic Rite titled "Folk Soul", the song is called "Vanadis Hall". Later on, Folkearth released 2 albums "Sons of the North" and "Minstrels by the River" where Hildr participated on Female Vocals. In 2012... Hildr for once again called by the Hellenic Epic Metal Band Sacred Blood to do guest Female Vocals to their album which called "Alexandros" released date on 29 of May of "2012" by Pitch Black Records.

Later on, "Valhalla Ascedant" of Folkearth released and Hildr Valkyrie participated on Female Vocals and last but not least for the year 2012 Elffor from Spain honored Hildr to make a guest appearence to his album "Heriotz Sustraiak" which has been released in December. In 2013... Hildr Valkyrie made some great collaborations this year the one with Eliwagar (Nor) to her album "Gryningen" being as guest to two of her songs "Northen Dawn" and "I Den Vakre Gylne Glød" singing in Norwegian and Helrunar to their incredible album "Fragments - A Mythological Excavation". Also in May released "The Fall of the Magog" of Folkodia featuring Hildr Valkyrie on Female Vocals. In 2014...

Folkearth released in May their twelfth album called "Balder's Lament" featuring Hildr Valkyrie on female vocals. Another great collaboration has been made, this time with the unique Pagan Metal band "The Wolves of Avalon" to the album "Boudicca's Last Stand" which has been released in July...

In 2015... Karkav asked Hildr to be their main singer and released a demo called "Winterfrost Karkav" but after that due to several reasons Hildr left the band. In the same year Hildr asked also to join the one man band Fegefeuer Anilmathiel in their album "Ragnarok" as a guest vocalist.

Later on a compilation of Elffor "Buruzagi Ilunaren Bilduma (20 Years Compilation)"fetures Hildr Valkyrie on one track. Last but not least for this year, Hildr made another collaboration with Sacred Blood on their album "Argonautica" as a guest vocalist.

In 2016... Was another fruitful year for Hildr. One of the biggest collaboration with Elffor has been done in the album "Makedant" in which this album Eol trusted Hildr not only to add her clean voices, but also the growl in 2 tracks and Lyrics and Additional keys in Solis in Antris.

Later on came a new collaboration with the band Downcast Twilight in their first album "Under the Wings of Aquila" as a guest vocalist in one track. Also in the new band Tattered Pages and their debut album "Open Diary I" Hildr helped with Lyrics.

The Wolves of Avalon trusted for once more Hildr to join as a guest vocalist in their album "Across Corpses Grey" and last Kawir released a compilation under the name "Αμύητον Μη Εισιέναι" including some old recordings with Hildr. In 2017... (as far...) After so many years being a huge fan herself, Nartum asked Hildr to join Emyn Muil as a female vocalist in his album "Elenion Ancalima".

In the same year on November 3rd Hildr Valkyrie released her second album "Revealing the Heathen Sun" under the label Stygian Crypt with the grand help of Jan Twothousandarrows from Folkearth and Folkodia on guitars, bass and drum programming, also in this album Thiseas Lykos helped on lyrics and Runahild from Eliwagar joined with her voice one track plus wrote the Norwegian part of the lyrics which included in the song. On November 17th another great collaboration came to life, this time with the Hellenic one-man band Celtefog with the EP "A Faded Wisdom" released by Celtic Fog Productions. And the battle goes on....

This page was kindly started by a fan as a fanpage and passed to Hildr Valkyrie on 2013/07/03. From that date onwards, this is the official page of Hildr Valkyrie on Facebook. A huge thank you to Axel for his kind offer. Hildr Valkyrie