Hope For The Dying

Hope For The Dying
Jack Daniels (Guitar, Back Vocals ex-Basura), James Houseman (Guitar, Back Vocals), Josh Ditto (Vocals, Keyboard), Brendan Hengle (Drums Recrudescence), Brandon Evrard (Drums), James Redcloud (Bass), Jacob Capps (Bass), Zach Gowin (Bass), Brice Voyles (Drums, Back Vocals)

Hope for the Dying formed in November of 2006 with sights set on bringing something different to the table.

Tired of the typical oversimplified music that has manifested itself in today’s heavy music culture, Hope for the Dying brings new meaning to the idea of ‘guitar-driven metal.’ Even when drawing influence from genre heavy-weights Dimmu Borgir, Opeth and Between the Buried and Me, Hope for the Dying have worked hard to develop a signature sound that is as technically proficient as it is fresh and unique. In 2008, Hope for the Dying was featured in HM Magazine’s ‘Pick-of-the-Litter’ section and subsequently inked a deal with the newly resurrected Strike First Records (a division of Facedown Records) and released their debut self-titled full length on November 25 of that year. In the two years following the release of their debut, Hope for the Dying matured in both their music and their line-up.

They released Dissimulation in the spring of 2011, a progressive metal album that showcases the bands’ outstanding musicianship. Now, they bring us Aletheia, with over an hour of epic metal inspired by both American and European metal bands past and present. Aletheia exhibits the skill level and technicality HFTD fans have come to know and love, while adding an orchestral heaviness that’s sure to bring many new fans to Hope for the Dying. .

Old school influenced Christian progressive shred metal with a modern edge