Marco Colombo (Vocals), Lorenzo Testa (Guitar), Marco Negonda (Guitar), Roberto Orlando (Bass), Rodeath (Drums), Omar Ceriotti (Drums), Riccardo Crespi (Bass), Mauro de Brasi (Drums)

Italian thrash metal mongers Hyades formed back in 1996, but only gained worldwide attention in 2005 with the release of their debut album "Abuse Your Illusions". Two years after they issued their sophomore effort "And the Worst is Yet to Come", Hyades is back with their loudest album to date.

After the summer of last year Hyades went into semi-reclusion in the studio to write and record their third album "The Roots of Trash", (Trash! - you read that right!), the first one with Jerico, their new bass player. The eleven tracks mixed and mastered to perfection by Andy Classen at Stage One Studios in Germany, "The Roots of Trash" is nothing less than a furious neck-breaking thrash assault on your ears and body. Again, the legendary Ed Repka, (Death, Megadeth, Evildead, Toxik, to name but a few), was responsible for the characteristic artwork. Hyades again produce the perfect blend of European and US old-school thrash metal.

Fast drumming, mosh guitar riffing, old-school vocals and socially critical lyrics, combined with an oddball sense of humor; their music a treat for fans of legendary bands of the genre, such as Anthrax, Exodus, Artillery and Kreator. These past few years Hyades has toured all over Europe, sharing the stage with other masters of the genre hailing from the 4 corners of the Thrash-World, such as Onslaught (UK), Omen (US), Sinister (NET), Helstar (US), Violator (BRA), and Tankard (GER). They also played some of the large festivals, the most rewarding one certainly being "Gods Of Metal", on their own turf. In 2008 Metal Hammer UK (Thrash Metal Collector's Special 2008), listed Hyades among the top 30 thrash metal bands - alive and kicking. So - listen to "The Roots of Trash" and.


Thrash now, work later!