Chris Impelliteri (Guitar Animetal USA), Rob Rock (Vocals Avantasia, Driver, ex- Warrior (USA), ex-Axel Rudi Pell, ex-Joshua, ex-Angelica), James Amelio Pulli (Bass), Glen Sobel (Drums), Dave Spitz (Bass ex-Stream (USA), ex-Americade, ex-Black Sabbath), Mark Bistany (Drums), Mark Weitz (Vocals), Loni Silva (Drums), Phil Wolfe (Keyboard Glass Wolfe), Graham Bonnet (Vocals The Marbles, Blackthorne, Taz Taylor Band, ex-Rainbow, ex-Alcatrazz, ex-Anthem , ex-Michael Schenker Group), Ken Mary (Drums), Edward Harris Roth (Keyboard), Curtis Skelton (Vocals), Chuck Wright (Bass Quiet Riot, Snow (USA)), Pat Torpey (Drums), Claude Schnell (Keyboard ex-Dio), Stet Howland (Drums Ex-Lita Ford, ex-Blackfoot, Temple Of Brutality, Killing Machine, MVP, Violent Storm, ex-WASP, ex-Belladonna)

Chris Impellitteri is heralded as one of the world’s greatest guitar shredders.

He has won the Best Rock Guitarist Award for his guitar soloing. He is the first guitarist to be branded as the fastest guitarist in the world by the international media.

(Recently and without self promotion Impellitteri was Officially voted 2nd fastest guitarist in the world by “Guitar One” magazine; and “Guitar World” magazine recently listed Chris Impellitteri within their top 50 fastest guitarists of all time). In addition to the fast crazy guitar soloing, Chris Impellitteri places a strong emphasis on metal fused with shredding guitar solos, harmony, and creating catchy inspiring guitar riffs.

Critics have stated, Impellitteri started the shred metal movement with the Impellitteri Black EP featuring songs like Lost in the Rain. The band inginited fast tempos, shredding guitar solos, screaming vocals, and a brutal rhthym section.

Impellitteri are also well rounded musicians who enjoy playing all styles of music, from metal to classical. Rob Rock is one of the most exciting and energetic singers in heavy metal. Rock can sing virtually any style of music.

His vocal range has often been compared to legendary metal singers Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden), and Rob Halford (Judas Priest). Rob Rock possesses a unique ability to scream in the stratosphere, all the while singing in a very melodic overtone.

His Vibrato and use of Harmonies has created a signature vocal style. Lastly, Rock has an innate ability to write lyrics that have depth and meaning.

He is definitely an original lyricist. Bassist James Pulli is known for his Driving Bass lines reminiscent of Black Sabbaths Geezer Butler. He creates a strong foundation for the band with his signature style.

His bass is deep, punchy, and supports the crazy guitar lines and drumming insanity of Impellitteri. In fact, it is Pulli’s Bass line’s that hold the rhythm section together. The new Record: “Wicked Maiden” Wicked Maiden is Impellitteri’s metal masterpiece.

The band challenged the boundaries of conventional metal by utilizing music theory, technique, innovation, technology, and creative story telling. The result is an intense guitar driven metal album that will satisfy the appetite of any true metal fan.

Wicked Maiden features memorable guitar riffs, fast shredding guitar solos, amazing screaming vocals, exciting lyrical content, and a mean heavy rhythm section..