Inactive Messiah

Inactive Messiah
Xristos Ven (Vocals), Michalis Kas (Drums), Thanos Jan (Vocals, Guitar ex-X-Piral), Yannis (Guitar), Lefteris (Bass), Alex (Drums), Sotiris (Guitar), Stelios (Guitar), John Minardos (aka Mineiro) (Vocals), Jim (Guitar), Cathrin (Drums), Michalis (Drums), Dimitris (Guitar), Akiss (Drums), Marietta (Keyboard)

Although "Ιnactive Messiah" were formed back in 2004 and released their first album (self titled) the same year by Black Lotus Records, Two thousand and six was the year the band took its actual shape by expanding in a much more active level.

After various line up changes and a lot of mental consideration, “Inactive Messiah” entered the studio again for their second album. The recordings took place at the Devilworx studios (Athens/Greece) and they also headed north to Finnvox Studios (Helsinki/Finland).

The new material sound more melodic, aggressive and dark while the Hellenic national ERT choir and the Symphonic Orchestra of Bratislava (80 musicians) participate(both arranged by Chris A. (Chaostar/Septic Flesh/The Devilworx)).

The album was mixed by Mikko Karmila and mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios (Helsinki/Finland). In this new album "Inactive Messiah" invited some guest musicians such as JP Leppaluoto (Charon/ex-Poisonblack) for the song “Be My Drug” which is also the name of the album, Emppu Vuorinen (Nightwish) for the guitar solo of Michael Jackson's cover song “Beat It” ,and Arto Tuunela (Major Label) for the Finnish vocals on song “Before The End”. Inactive Messiah signed a deal with Holy Records (summer of 2006) and the release of “bE mY dRug” (which the band considers as its first) came on December of the same year along with two videoclips of the hit songs “bE mY dRug” and "Sing” .

“bE mY dRug” album got some great reviews such as 6/6 (Album Of The Trimester) on Metallian Magazine (FR). The band after a two central/west European tours (32 shows in “Blitzkrieg 4” and “The Domination Tour 2007”), a Balkan Tour (13 shows in “Balkans Assassination Tour 2007”) and some fests and extra performances in Greece and Romania got ready to enter studio again for their second studio album. The recordings took place at DevasoundZ Studios January/February 2008 and the album was released once again by Holy Records on April,under the name “Sinful Nation”.

More aggressive yet dark this time, atmospheric and majestic again. Right after the release the band hit the road again on “XXV Anniversary Tour” with Vader, Septic Flesh and Devian for 42 shows in most of the European countries.

Inactive Messiah kept setting the stage on fire with shows in Greece and abroad with smaller tours. On 2010 "Inactive Messiah" entered DevasoundZ Studios for their third studio album. After two years of experimenting and recording their songs again and again they succeeded the creation of their best studio album so far.

Out of 15 preproduction songs,they came down to 9 in order to put all their soul and feeling for their latest creation. Recordings are finally over as of September 2012 and they are proud to announce their cooperation with Prague Filmharmonic Orchestra, worldwide electronic DJ "Christian Cambas" and Electro/Industrial Producer "Pierrot" (Virgins O.R Pigeons) as guests. Get ready for the most emotional and darkest Inactive Messiah album. Darkness is coming... .

New album "Dark Masterpiece" out April 15 2016. Pre-order now: