Inepsy (CAN)

Inepsy (CAN)
Chany Pilote (Vocals, Guitar), J.P. Tasse (Bass, Back Vocals), Sam Verville (Drums), Bob E (Guitar, Back Vocals), Steve Bennett (Guitar, Back Vocals)

BIOGRAPHY: early history 1999 to 2002 Inepsy were formed in Quebec city in a practice space shared by a bunch of punk rockers.

Chany and Sam filled in a uname crust-core band who wanted to record a demo but were temporary out of their respective drummer and guitar player, both were facing time in jail. Even if they had recorded a demo and did a few concerts under the name of Inepsy, Chany was tired of the guttural vocals and the fastness of the crust-core style and wanted to start his own band more in the vein of British punk harcore like G.B.H, Disorder, The Varukers.

After the singer left, Chany started to write songs and decided to sing and play guitar at the same time while Sam and Rat would still remains on the rythm section. Even if Chany had found his inspiration from "Fast" Eddy Clarke guitar sound, Inepsy define their genre by keeping minimal songs structures, adding elements of their 80`s metal icons like the: Venom, Celtic Frost, Voivod early releases. Chany who used to militate at the time for Food not bombs got falsly arrested and threw in jail without bail wich will cost the band to have many problem to go to certain country.

The state claimed that him and his friends were responsible for a riot, even though they had not been in town the night of the riot. The police repression, the lack of contacts and punk scene organisation in Quebec city made Inepsy move to Montreal. They recorded a home demo with the help of JP Hearse and couple months after, they got a record deal with Feral Ward record.

They got to open for legendary British punk band SubHumans. After problems with the pressing plant their first 7inches See you in hell e.p.

came out in 2002 ,a year after its recording. 2002 to today Steve Bennett an old friend of the band, convince them to join on rythm guitar wich would help the band to obtain a more powerfull sound for live act. While they kept working on the upcoming album, Rat had serious drug issues so he decided to leave the band.

JP Hearse friend and fan who previously recorded their demo, joined on bass to fill Rat`s departure in january 2003. They recorded Rock n Roll Babylon l.p.

and left for their first coast to coast U.S. tour where they opened for Icons of filth in Phoenix Arizona.

Not so long after, Stig their singer died abruptly of a heart attack after a gig in London. in 2004 Inepsy headed for a U.S. middle east tour with Hellbound, they recorded City/Weapons l.p.

wich came out early in 2005. In 2006, they supported The Varukers in their Canadian east coast dates, also toured with Toxic Holocaust and Rammer.

Steve Bennett had leave the band in the meantime and was replaced by Bob-E a local rocker. In 2007 they made their first European tour and their No Speed Limit For Destruction l.p.

came out wich brought a lot of controversy in the punk scene. On this record, the band blurred their beat tempos and distortion to a more straight foward rock approach in the vein of Kiss and Tank.

This new sound shocked a lot of their older fans. The band comment as they simply over-used their formula and had lost inspiration so they decided to do a real rock and roll record using the same apocalyptic thematic for the concept. 2008 was rather slow facing border probleme , but Inepsy still manage to make it to the United-States to make an appearance in New-york city and in Austin, Texas.They Also played In Edmonton,ca.

with British legend G.B.H and Belgium The Kids in Montreal. In spring 2009 rythm guitar player Bob-E left the band and Inepsy decided to go as a trio.they recorded some new tracks and headed for a second European tour. INEPSY released a split 12inch EP with TOXIC HOLOCAUST in spring 2010 in wich they cover 2 Toxic Holocaust songs. They also released a 6 songs picture disc LP called “Madness & Overkill” at the same time they launch there 2010 Canadian tour. 2011: The band broke up.RIP Inepsy. .

Inepsy is a Canadian hardcore punk band from Montreal formed in 1999. Closely associated with crust-punk, their style is distinct from other crust bands by their mid tempos and rock and roll guitar riffs. They are described as a blend beetween Discharge and Motorhead.