Robert Kubik (Guitar), Jurgen Zajic (Drums), Eddie (Guitar), Patrik Stanek (Vocals, Bass), Milan (Vocals, Guitar), Peter Huda (Drums), Pouzar (Guitar), Zbyna (Drums)

After break up of the band PLASTIC GRAVE in July 1995, the new grindcore machine called INGROWING rises.

First demo tape was released at the spring of 1996. After several split records (for example with GRIDE, IMPETIGO, C.S.S.O., HAEMORRHAGE, ISACAARUM…) and many gigs was released first full-lenght album „Cyberspace“ on Shindy productions.

In the year of 2000 the band has signed to Obscene productions. During six years there were released 3 full albums and split 7“EP/3“CD with sickos EXHUMED.

INGROWING also went two big European tours with EXHUMED (2001) and PHOBIA (2003). In 2005 INGROWING depart to Southeast Asia in order to realization of „Sunris(c)e Raping tour 2005“, which includes 11 concerts in countries just like Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Before this they release album called „Decameron Of Grind“ for decennial of INGROWING.

This album includes not only best songs but also unreleased songs. In april of 2006 followed European tour with collegues ISACAARUM and in October 2006 the band attends Polish headline tour with support of grindcore rabble AFGRUND (Sweden) and SCABIES (Poland). Early in 2008 INGROWING tour Czech republic and Slovakia beside legendary NAPALM DEATH. This tour consists of 6 stays and all those shows are always sold out.

It means that dreams come true. :-) In May of 2008 INGROWING hit the road to the USA to tour eastern coast and closes this tour in Baltimore with prestigious metal festival Maryland Death Fest! The year 2009 means recording of new mini CD on Bizarre Leprous productions, after which the band sets out headline European tour to Portugal where they are going to attend Barroselas Metal Fest. The year of 2010 brought second trip to the U.S.A.

and the tour was finished at Maryland Death Fest again. During 2011 INGROWING prepared tracks for new EP „Heads Or Tails“ which you just hold in your hands. Up to now, INGROWING have played about 900 concerts in more than 20 states on three continents.

During the existence they have participed many significant festivals like OBSCENE EXTREME, MARYLAND DEATH FEST, FUCK THE COMMERCE, BRUTAL ASSAULT, DEATH FEAST or BARROSELAS METAL FEST. .

Grind core bastards from city of the best beer in the world - Budweis, Czech Republic.