Loek Peeters (Bass Skullhog, Clan Of Cannibals (NL), Tankslapper (NL), ex-Mangled (NL), ex-Martyrium (NL), ex-Drowning In Tears (NL), ex-Insult (NL)), Dorus van Ooij (Vocals), Roel Sanders (Drums God Dethroned (NL), Snaggletoöth (NL), ex-Asphyx (NL), ex-Malignant (NL), ex-Mortem (NL)), Ben Janssen (Guitar Skullhog, ex-Malignant (NL), ex-Asphyx (NL), ex-Eviscerated (NL), ex-Corpse (NL), ex-Penectomie (NL), ex-Drowning In Tears (NL)), Joost Silvrants (Vocals Cliteater (NL), ex-Sinister (NL), ex-Drowning In Tears (NL)), Harold Gielen (Guitar Charlie Adler (NL), Legion Of The Damned, ex-Mangled (NL)), Richard Ebisch (Guitar Legion Of The Damned, ex-Mortem (NL)), Eric de Windt (Drums Temple (NL), ex-Sinister (NL), ex-Destroyer 666, ex-Severe Torture, ex-Prostitute Disfigurement, ex-Flatulation), Johan Dirkx (Vocals), Michiel Adriaense (Drums Nee (NL))

Leading the way in brutal death/grind since 1994.

INHUME started out as a 9 piece on the initial try-out but soon slinked down to a sextet setting out to conquer the world with unmatched brutality and grinding madness. With members and ex-members involved with other big names in today's metal scene INHUME to date is one of the biggest grind/death acts around. .

1995) Demo 1 demo (1996) Grind Your Mind Inhume / Suppository, live split tape (boerderij geleen) (1997) The Missing Limb, Demo 2 demo (1997) Enjoying The Violence? Inhume / Mundo De Mierda split tape (1998) Inhume / Blood Split 7" single Inhume / Blood (1999) Decomposing from Inside CD on Bones Brigade record label (2003) Dutch Assault split CD with Inhume, Suppository, S.M.E.S., Last Days of Humanity on Relapse Records record label (2003) In for the Kill CD & LP on Osmose Productions record label (2007) Chaos Dissection Order CD on Osmose Productions record label (2008) Inhume / Mumakil Split 7" single with Mumakil on Relapse Records Slimewave Series record label (2010) Moulding the Deformed