Martin Rosendahl (Vocals, Bass [1996-1999], Corpus Mortale, Human Machine, Atobic, Strangler), Jesper Frost Jensen (Drums [1996-2003], Thorium, Nations Of Death, Eciton, Downlord), Brian Eriksen (Guitar [1996-2000], Corpus Mortale, Atobic), Jens Lee (Guitar [1997-1999], ex-Corpus Mortale, ex-Saturnus), Morten Hansen (Drums [1989-1992]), Jacob Olsen (Drums [1992-1996], Swollen), Mads Haarlov (Vocals, Guitar [1993-1995] [1998-2003], Strangler, ex-Ashes, ex-Corpus Mortale, ex-Swollen), Brian Petrowsky (Vocals, Guitar [1989-1996]), Lars Friis (Guitar [1996-1997], ex-Faith Industrius, ex-Inimical, ex-Nations Of Death), Thomas Fagerlind (Bass [1998-2003], Downlord, ex-Dawnfall, ex-Thorium, ex-Daemon (DK), ex-Swollen), Peter Houd (Bass [1989-1992]), Thomas Christensen (Bass [1994-1996], Red Warszawa, ex-Konkhra, ex-Daemon (DK), ex-Infernal Death (DK))

Iniquity was active from 1989 - 2003 where the band released several demo's & Ep's in addition to the three full-length albums ('96 Serenadium, '99 Five Across The Eyes, '01 Grime). Iniquity has since obtained a sort of cult status in the death metal underground around the world and the demand for some very last shows has often been requested by hardcore followers. .

Reunion 2013: Due to several anniversaries (25 years since the initial founding of the band - 15 years since The Hidden Lore was released and 10 years since the break-up) in 2013 we decided to show reunite with the 1997-1998 line-up to play a string of shows. They went down pretty well we think... Re-reunion 2015: Since we had a few shows cancelled (which was our fault!) we decided to show up again-again to play those cancelled shows and now we're at it again we're gonna play a few extra ones.. Don't expect any touring or a load of club gigs.. these extra ones are for the majority festival gigs. oh, we're still not gonna record anything new or re-record anything old - please respect this. We won't fuck with the legacy of the band... but there will be some interesting stuff happening regarding releases - so hang on and we'll tell you all about it... all in good time ;)

The old bitch is back to fuck you up yet one more time!!!