Adam Ramis (Guitar [since 2012], ex-Elimination), Carl Birath (Vocals [since 2000], ex-Azatoth, ex-Superior), Joel Andersson (Bass [since 2009], Immersed In Blood, ex-Exempt, ex-Inverted (SWE), ex-Nominon), Roger Johansson (Guitar [since 1997], ex-Killaman), Marcus Jonsson (Drums [since 2004], Pandemonic, ex-Decadence, ex-Flagellation, ex-Genocrush Ferox, ex-Remasculate, ex-Spazmosity, ex-Bloodshed (SWE)), Thomas Daun (Drums [1997-2004], ex-Dismember, ex-Crashdïet, ex-Repugnant, ex-Plague Divine), Janne Hyytia (Bass [1999], live member, ex-Carrion Carnage), Magnus Martinsson (Guitar [2007-2010], Overtorture, ex-Bloodride, ex-Grave (SWE-1)), Patrik Muhr (Guitar, Bass [1997-1998], ex-Plague Divine), Joonas Ahonen (Guitar [1997-1998], ex-Repugnant), Tobias Alpadie (Guitar [2011-2012], live member, ex-Miseration), Christian Ericson (Guitar [2004-2005], live member, ex-Arize, ex-Construcdead), Johan Thornberg (Vocals [1997-1999], ex-Plague Divine), Tobias Brynedal (Guitar [2001-2004], Interment, ex-Genocrush Ferox, ex-Cromb), Daniel Sommerfeldt (Bass [1998]), Daniel Ekeroth (Bass [1999-2009], Usurpress, Dellamorte, ex-Tyrant (SWE))

Insision Discography: Meant to Suffer, Demo (1997) Live Like a Worm, Demo (1998) The Dead Live On, MCD (Heathendoom, 1999) Promo-2000, Demo, (2000) Revelation of the Sadogod, Demo, (2001) Insision/ Inveracity, Split-10" (Nuclear Winter, 2001) Beneath the Folds of Flesh, CD (Earache/ Wicked World, 2002) Revealed and Worshipped, CD (Earache/ Wicked World 2004) Ikon, CD (Dental Records, 2007) End Of All, EP (Sevared Records 2011) 15 Years of exaggerated Torment, Compilation (Sevared Records 2012) TERMINAL RECKONING, CD (Sevared Records 2015) ___________________________________________________ Brief history...

1997: INSISION crawled out of the ashes of underground acts EMBALMER and ILDOOR in Stockholm, Sweden, the aim was to create brutal Death Metal in absurdum. To create something different then wath was growing in the Swedish scene that year.

Something Brutal. Something Deadly...INSISION 1998: Debut demo "Meant to Suffer " is released, and INSISION is acclaimed as one of the most promising new Death metal acts of Sweden.

Soon after Roger Johansson and Daniel Sommerfeldt of DISFIGURED joins the band, immediately taking musical command & drives the band towards new heights of technical brutality. The record labels starts to notice INSISION, and in the end of the year they sign for Heathendoom Music.

The 97-98 line up contains Joonas Ahonen on guitar and Johan Thornberg on Vocals 1999: The debut MCD "The Dead Live On" is recorded at the Necromorbus Studio, and released shortly after.(Also re-released by Immortal souls pro. 2002)The album was different compared to other brutal Swedish Death Metal bands, no other Swedish band had ever sounded as American as INSISION.

On this recording; Joonas Ahonen on guitar and Johan Thornberg on Vocals who were shortly to leave the band for personal resons. After this, Roger & drummer Tomas Daun developed the technical brutality of the band even further. INSISION soon recruits DELLAMORTEs bass player Daniel Ekroth and AZATOTHs singer Carl Birath.

With the new line up things starting to happening. This is The INSISION we know today.

The new line-up begins a row of live-shows with bands like Dark Funeral, Merciless and The Haunted etc... 2000: A new demo "Promo 2000" is recorded at the “Real Music Studio” located just outside of Stockholm. The result is sheer brutality & precision to the limit! After this, more shows followed with HYPOCRISY, NECROPHOBIC, MERCILESS, DARK FUNERAL etc etc. Now INSISION really showed what they were made of! 2001: Guitarist Toob Brynedahl of GENOCHRUSH FEROX joins the band, and INSISION soon had their debut show as a five-piece as opening act for DISGORGE (mex) in Gothenburg (Swe). Necromorbus Studio is visited once again to record an earlier planned 10 split E.P with INVERACITY for Nuclear Winter Rec.

(also out as a demo under the name “Revelation of the Sado God”). Shortly after INSISION signs to the major label Earache/Wicked World Rec. In October, the full-length debut "Beneath the Folds of the Flesh" is recorded in the mighty Berno Studio (THE HAUNTED, DERANGED etc). 2002: “Beneath the Folds of the Flesh" is set for release in April.

The response to the album is awesome and as expected...Tours and gigs are made. And INSISION is revealed unto the world 2004: After building a reputation of themselves Insision hits the studio again to compose yet another indept look into the world of INSISION... Released in July 04 the full length “Revealed and Worshipped” is brought unto the world....

In the same time Members T. Daun (drums) and T.

Brynedahl (second guitar) decides to leave INSISION and left are the main machines in the band, Carl, Roger and Daniel who aren't short in replacing T. Daun as drummer. In mid -04 Thomas Daun is replaced by “monster drum-molester Marcus Jonsson” from Stockholmian Thrash act PANDEMONIC.

A European SUFFOCATION tour is lying ahead plus a couple of other feasts, gigs and smaller mini tours... This year gave both opportunities and smaller drawbacks...

But in the end INSISION gained more than they lost. And so the wheel keeps spinning! 2005: After the awesome SUFFOCATION tour along w/ DISGORGE (us) and DEMENTOR in late 2004 and the fast line-up change within the band, Insision was ready for the world once more and gets an offer during a Finland headline trip w/ GODHATE, to do a Scandinavian tour w/ THE HAUNTED on the eminent 'CLOSE UP MADE US DO IT' tour with Mac Jonsson Behind the drums, a SUFFOCATION tour in the gig-bag and all waste dumped INSISION is unstoppable and makes a fabulous tour around Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark) just to return home to even more tour-offers and gigs....

Also INSISION starts working on the third studio album since the signing on EARACHE/WICKED WORLD in 2001. Working on new material between concert's and preparing for the last tours this year (UK, AUSTRALIA, SOUTH EAST ASIA) Planning to, after that, put all concentration on the making of the new album... Hopefully coming out in late -06 or early -07 2007: INSISION signs a new deal with Dental Rec.

in Stockholm. Unleashing the new album” IKON” upon the world ! The records is recorded in BLACK LOUNGE STUDIO with owner “Jonas Kjellgren” CENTINEX/SCAR SYMMETRY. 2008-2009: As INSISION is a live act and has (almost) always been a five piece band.

INSISION decides to Recroute one more guitarist. After trying out a couple of good guitar players they decide to take Magnus Martinsson onboard.

INSISION is playing several festivals including Death Feast, Party San, Neurotic Deathfest,NRW Deathfest among others After 10 years Daniel takes the decision to quit Insision to focus on his writing skills (Which includes the famous book titled “Swedish Death Metal”) 2009-210: INSISION contacts the bass player “Joel” in the Brutal Swedish Death Metal band “IMMERSED IN BLOOD” settled in Gothenburg (swe).The band asks Joel to join forces. The answer INSISION got was “of course”. Joel has been in the Death Metal scene for several years and has a lot of experience/background in playing, touring. He was perfect replacement for Daniel who also had a lot of experience in the overall scene. 2010 INSISION is fully concentrating on taking the band futher on the road of Death Metal. The band started of 2010 with a headlining tour in the U.K with the British DM bands “DAWN OF CHAOS” and “DEAD BEYOND BURIED” & Sweden’s “REMASCULATE”. The tour was followed up by playing at the Neurotic Death fest in Netherlands, NRW Deathfest in Germany and Gothenburg Deathfest. 2011: Guitarist Roger inked a deal with the Germany guitarbuilder 666strings. INSISION inks a deal with the U.S.

SEVERED RECORDS for a two album deal. The first one is an EP titled “End Of All”.

The Ep is released 1st of June 2011 and it contains 5 tracks of epic Brutal Death Metal. The Ep was recorded just outside Stockholm area at STUDIO OFF BEAT (GENERAL SURGERY/VICIOUS ART) with the dedicated engineer Anders Eriksson. The songs are a statement of the journey INSISION has made until now. “End Of all” is also just a beginning of what to come…. 2012 INSISION released an 18 track cd that will include old Demotracks and one liveshow+the classic Mcd from 1999 “The Dead Live On”. The Record will be released by SEVARED RECORDS USA. Celebrated their 15 Years Annivercity the 29th of December doinfg an exclusive gig in Stockholm. 2013: INSISION begin writing songs for their 4th full length album! 2015: INSISION UNLEASHES TERMINAL RECKONING DEATH METAL IN THE HIGHEST FORM OF BRUTALITY!! REX MUNDI REGARE!! .