Mart (Guitar), Syan (Bass), Matt "Jo[k]e" Platts (Drums ex-Salem Orchid (UK)), Hal "Hex" Sinden (Vocals Frustrum, Worms Of Sabnock), John Tyrell (Guitar, Programming), Christina Gajny (Vocals ex-Ode Of Eternity), Chris "Static" Dixon (Guitar), Tori Lucion (Drums Kingsize Blues), Frank Hull (Drums), Matthew Lee (Vocals), Emmeline May (Vocals)


THERE ARE NO CURRENT OR FUTURE PLANS TO REFORM. "...and then onto interlock who, it has to be said, look good. they have it all pulled together...

genres and sub-genres layered over one another to create towering industrial soundscapes" TERRORIZER having cemented their place in metal as one the genre's more innovative newcomers with the worldwide release of their 2005 debut album 'crisis//reinvention', british sextet interlock now root their feet firmly in the ground in presenting their forthcoming sophomore work 'parasite', ensuring that the mean average in alternative music is thrown a wild card - there is still hope for those who demand something new to listen to. "edgy and powerful...

excellent." KERRANG! not content to fall into the current hour's trend or scene, the london-based outfit persist in pulling together a broad and often unlikely range of influences, from death metal even to dance music, to create a sound that is undeniably unique & diverse. by establishing themselves with a strong legacy of past releases including an initial split EP, a full length album, several videos and a remix EP, the band have been cited as influences by a number of upcoming bands & artists, prompting them to embrace elements from further afield.

"it's hard to peg them neatly into one category as they're as likely to remind you of slipknot one minute and nightwish the next, but they seem to make it work with sheer force." metal hammer as performers, interlock live shows have earned a reputation from both steadfast fans and newcomers alike. in support of appearances on MTV, MCM europe, nationwide television, internationally released feature films & soundtracks, national & international radio playlists and an immense spectrum of worldwide printed media, the group have toured extensively as headliners including numerous & comprehensive UK tours, a full US tour in 2007 and notable positions on european festival bills.

"headliners interlock bring it all back to the here and now with a set of muscular industrial cyber metal... when the breakbeat chaos kicks in, interlock excel, blending the dancefloor with the moshpit...

splendid." TERRORIZER now managed internationally by juan john productions (US) & eulogy media ltd (UK + EU), interlock prepare for the autumn 2008 release of their crushing new album 'parasite', recorded at london's berry street studios by deepwater productions supported also by street teams spanning 3 continents of loyal fans, the UK metallers are currently booking for the 2nd tour of US in september together with various appearances and promotional events. .

industrial / cyber metal band formed in 1996