Iron Fire

Iron Fire
Fritz Wagner (Drums), Kirk Backarach (Guitar), Martin Lund (Bass ex-Morbid Vision, ex-Magic), Martin Steene (Vocals Force Of Evil), Jakob Lykkebo (Bass Blinded By Fear), Johan Jacob Høvring Olsen (Guitar), Steve Mason (Drums Blinded By Fear, Atomkraft), Morten Plenge (Drums ex-Coitus Interruptus, ex-Push), Gunnar Olsen (Drums), Soren Jensen (Guitar Human Machine, Crapulence, Granhammer, ex-Corpus Mortale), Martin Slott (Guitar), Kristian Martinsen (Guitar, Percussions), Kristian "Iver" Iversen (Guitar Nembience), Tony Olsen (Drums), Mads Korre Andersen (Guitar), Jens Berglid (Drums Sons Of Tomorrow, Black Succubi, Feeble Lies), Jeff Lukka (Guitar Blinded By Fear), Jose Cruz (Bass Nembience, ex-Blinded By Fear), Martin Sunddal (Drums), Marc Masters (Guitar), Jimmi Holm (Drums [2004] live member)

Denmarks best selling power metal band Iron Fire is still alive and kickin’.

Eighteen years ago when a new millennium was entered, the Thunderstorm album struck the world, and is today considered a Danish power metal cult classic. Seven albums later the band still breathes as vibrant as ever, and although there’s been various line-up changes, founding member Martin Steene and his sidekick Kirk Backarach pushes the boundries of the band.

In addition to Steene and Kirk another founding member joined the battlefield, as original drummer Gunnar Olsen rejoined the band in 2015, after 15 years of absence. Iron Fire is therefore now a three piece band that still clings on to melodic old school power metal as it was meant to be played.

The music however is never still and is devolved over time. From the dark epic of Voyage of the Damned, over the rock n roll influenced March of the Immortals, to classic power hymns like Wings of Rage.

But first and foremost Iron Fire takes power metal very literally, as the common denominator in the music is, and has always been power - with a capital P….


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