Jukka Rajala (aka Joey King, aka Kuningas) (Keyboard), Ville "Nepal" Palin (Guitar), Aki Herrala (Drums), Elina Iron (Vocals), Jani Paavola (Bass), Minna Matkaselkä (Vocals), Jarmo Aho (Vocals), Esa Rajala (Guitar)

iRonica's debut album ”Consequences” was released in 2007, and it collected a good amount of praising reviews, and this album was also released in Japan by EMI in 2008.

All of iRonica's singles have climbed up to finnish single charts, and right now the new single Dive from the second album ”Vivere” has been one of the most played songs in Finnish rock clubs since it was released. Ironica has shot one music video from the single Make Me Whole Again, and is about to shoot another one.

Ironica has also got plenty of airplay in Finland and also some in Europe. iRonica has also gotten much praise of its live shows, and energetic performances with skilled musicians have been a good proof of iRonica's live condition. The band has performed in rock & metal clubs around Finland, and also in big rock & metal festivals including legendary metal & rock festivals such as Nummirock & Myötätuulirock.

With the new album ”Vivere”, one of the band's aims is to do shows abroad as well, and also abroad releases will be one of the main goals. The new album ”Vivere” defined again what a modern female fronted metal can be today. Vivere, produced by Hiili Hiilesmaa (HIM, The 69 Eyes, Amorphis etc.) brings you aggressive metal with nasty guitar riffs, massive keyboards, unique female vocals and catchy melodies, which all combined are something that really gives a fresh view to modern metal.

iRonica's single "Dive" was released from Vivere, and it hit the Finnish single charts top ten as well. Right now iRonica is focusing on their third album, and the material so far has, of course, sounded the best combination of both two former albums.

Stau tuned!.

A new era of heavy metal is breeding from Kalajoki, Finland. From these melancholic ostrobothnian roots comes iRonica, that has already with mothers milk gotten enough anger and pain to write music about. In 1999 iRonica was founded, and since the band has grown stronger and today is one of the most unique combinations of aggressive melodic metal with female vocals.

Melodic Heavy Metal from Kalajoki, Finland