It Dies Today

It Dies Today
Nicholas "Nick" Brooks (Vocals [2001-2007] [since 2012], founder member, The March), Chris Cappelli (Guitar [since 2001], founder member), Jason Wood (Vocals [since 2007], ex-Kamilla, ex-Still Remains, ex-The Orphan), Steve Lemke (Bass [since 2001], founder member), Mike Hatalak (Guitar [since 2003], The March, ex-Plain of Ashes, ex-Short Of Breath, ex-Stricture), Nick Mirusso (Drums [since 2002]), Seth Thompson (Bass [2001-2003]), Joey "Kronik" Cuonze (Drums [2001]), Jimmy Revson (Drums [2002])

Born and bred among the Buffalo, NY hardcore scene IDT formed in August of 2001.

The group was formed by vocalist, Nicholas Brooks, guitarist Chris Cappelli and guitarist Steve Lemke (who moved onto bass in the current line-up). The group creates a blend of brutal riffs, punishing breakdowns but coupled with huge anthemic and driving melodic sections as well.

This dichotomy within their sound has gained them fans across the metal, hardcore and emo scenes as well as the ability to bring both sexes together in the pit. On their formation, most band members were only 16 years old.

Though the band currently averages only 20 years old, this is a world wise band who have accomplished more than bands twice their age. The band's initial release was the Forever Scorned' EP which had a lot less melody than the band's current songs.

That EP allowed the band to live in a dying conversion van and tour the U.S. with artists such as Between the Buried and Me and Alexisonfire.

The stage presence of Brooks, Cappelli, Lemke, and the precision of drummer Nick Mirusso served to create an energetic live show that soon cemented their image. Lemke moved onto bass and guitarist Mike Hatalak completed the line up. Having finally achieved their dream cast of players, IDT began to refine and structure their sound into the brutal lullaby it has become.

The group signed with Trustkill Records, home to hardcore heavyweights such as Throwdown, Eighteen Visions, Bleeding Through and more. Fall 2004 brought about the release of the band's debut full-length "The Caitiff Choir." The titled and lyrical influences gleaned from the work of Dante's Divine Comedy, the album is a tour of the degradation and moral disintegration within the human mind. The album has struck a chord throughout the media and consumer alike, having sold over 25,000 copies within four months and allowing the band to sell out two national headlining tours with support from Twelve Tribes, Anterrabae, Trivium and others.

National media such as Alternative Press named them a "Band To Know" for 2005 and the group has been invited on as featured guests for MTV's Headbangers Ball in May. The group has also been on a whirlwind of tours including supporting Bleeding Through, Walls Of Jericho, All That Remains, Throwdown and appearing on the PETA sponsored "Compassion Over Fashion" tour with Most Precious Blood and Remembering Never. The group will also be supporting metal mammoths such as God Forbid, Machine Head and The Haunted on their forthcoming spring tours.

Leading into It Dies Today dominating Ozzfest's Second Stage all summer..

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