Chuck Schuler (Guitar [1989-1994] [since 2006]), Mathias Biehl (Drums), Giovanni Soulas (Bass Charisma (GER)), Richard Seibel (Keyboard Ivorie, A Cosmic Trail, Charisma (GER), Lanfear), Mischa Mang (Vocals ex-Dreamscape), Andy B.Franck (Vocals Symphorce, Brainstorm (GER-1)), Markus Britsch (Keyboard), Lars Hörnig (Drums), Achim Welsch (Guitar Charisma (GER)), Sebastian Brauchle (Drums)

Ivanhoe are definetly one of the experienced and best known German prog metal bands.

Starting as early as 1986 the band was founded by Giovanni Soulas (bass), Markus Britsch (keyboards) and Lars Hörnig (drums). With diverse line-ups the band released the demo tapes Behind the Wall (1988), Written in Stone (1989) and Play Express (1992). The debut album "Visions and Reality" was released in 1994 with Andy B.

Franck (vocals), Chuck Schuler (guitars), Giovanni Soulas (bass), Lars Hönig (drums) and Markus Britsch (keyboards). The second album "Symbols of Time" followed in 1995. During the succeeding European tour with Nevermore and Iced Earth guitarist Chuck Schuler left the band due to personal reasons – to be replaced by Achim Welsch, who already did the guitar tracks on the Behind The Wall demo tape and was the band's live engineer at that time. The third album "Polarized" (1997), marked a turning point for the band.

As singer Andy B. Franck decided to pursue other musical directions and joined Brainstorm the band completely stopped all of their activities. In 2001 Giovanni Soulas and Achim Welsch decided to put Ivanhoe back together.

The important part of the new singer was filled by musical singer Mischa Mang who is very known for his outstanding and charismatic vocals in the German musical scene. In 2005 "Walk in Mindfields" was released through Massacre Records. The line up consisting of Mang, Soulas and Welsch was completed by Richard Seibel (keyboards) and Sebastian Brauchle (drums).

The year 2006 saw the return of original guitarist Chuck Schuler to the band. In 2008 the band released the high-rated album "Lifeline" through Silverwolf Productions. End of 2010 the band parted ways with drummer Sebastian Brauchle replacing him with the promising youngster Mathias Biehl (21).

With this strong line-up the band put their activities towards the stage and drew alot of attention supporting Queensryche and the Scorpions plus appearing on the highly ranked Bang Your Head Open Air and the Building A Force festival. In the midst of 2011 Achim Welsch (guitars) quit the band putting even more responsibility on the shoulders of band leader and founding member Giovanni Soulas who consequently wrote almost the complete music for the new album "Systematrix". The new prog metal highlight was recorded at The Red Room Studios with producer Andy Horn (Lanfear, Edenbridge, Voices Of Destiny a.o.) and marks the stunning return of South Germany's prog rock veterans with their strongest effort so far..

German Prog Metal!! ♥