Jeroen Wechgelaer (Guitar), Marloes Voskuil (Vocals, Bass Deluzion), Bart van Ginkel (Guitar), Ivo Maarhuis (Drums), Ränz (Joep Van Leeuwen) (Drums Solstice (NL)), Corvin Keurhorst (Guitar), Anita Borst (Bass, Back Vocals), Anita Luderer (Keyboard), Niels Donninger (Guitar), Carsten Altena (Guitar), Kristien Dros (Vocals)

Following the highly successful ‘Code of Consequences’ released in 2011, Dutch death/thrash ragers IZEGRIM release their second album with LISTENABLE RECORDS entitled ‘Congress of the Insane’. ‘Congress of the Insane’ was recorded at SOUNDLODGE studio in Germany and introduces a hungry band who aims at getting away from a generic polished sound but yearning to a fierce, filthy, raw feel while still retaining a chunky and powerful production. Press has been nothing but positive for ‘Code of Consequences’ worldwide.

Growling front girl Marloes has proved to be a convincing and commanding vocalist , and helped along with her band fellows tight and frenzy delivery, IZEGRIM played numerous and praised live performances across Europe along with bands like KREATOR, ANNIHILATOR, ONSLAUGHT among others . These live assaults have made IZEGRIM a particularly forceful addition to the wealthy and very prolific metal scene in the Netherlands and Europe. New album ‘Congress of the Insane’ features a concept based on the evil in the deceiving human nature. “Nowadays everyone seems normal until you get to know them” comments Marloes. “Some Freaks are here, they’re real, they are alive !” Meaning the gathering of those disclosed society monsters can be depicted as a ‘Congress of the Insane’. Featuring Germany’s ‘Titan of Thrash’ Sabina Classen (Holy Moses) on guest vocals, IZEGRIM’s new album “Congress of the Insane” shows a serious determination to start an uproar among the metal masses. .

Dutch death-/thrash ragers Izegrim