Nathan Cox (Drums), Garry Pepperd (Guitar [1979-1985] [since 1998]), Simon Patel (Bass), Will Ng (Drums [1984]), Les Foster (Drums [1984]), Rob Reiss (Vocals [1980-81]), Jamie Manton (Vocals), Gary Johnson (Keyboard [1984]), Chris Lovell (Drums [1980-84]), Paul Merrell (Vocals [1982-85] Stormtrooper (UK), Hellrazer (UK)), Gary Davies (Drums [1984-85]), Darren Furze (Bass [2000-06]), Jeff Cox (Bass [1979-1985] [1998-2000]), Larry Dawson (Keyboard)

Jaguar was formed in December 1979 in Bristol, UK by Garry Pepperd and former band member Jeff Cox through an advert in a local newspaper. The original line-up consisted of Garry Pepperd (guitar), Jeff Cox (bass, vocals) and Chris Lovell (drums). In the following April, Rob Reiss (Vocalist 1980-1982) was also added to the lineup.

Later vocalist to Paul Merrell (Vocalist 1982-1985) was added to the band. The band built a local reputation and recorded two demos, the latter of which earned them a deal with Heavy Metal Records, and in 1981 they released the single, "Back Street Woman", which sold over 4,000 copies. In 1982, after an appearance at a Dutch Rock Festival, they secured a recording contract with Neat Records. Today they still are a band that are remembered, through songs such as Axe Crazy, War Machine, Stormchild and Dutch Connection . The band has now also appeared on larger stages such as Sweden Rock Festival, Wacken Open Air, Headbangers Open Air and other big stages in Europe.

Jaguar released a new album in November 2014 named 'Metal X' that was engineered by Mike Exeter, (Judas Priest/Heaven & Hell/Black Sabbath). Quotes from Garry Pepperd about Jaguar and their music style: "I suppose you could say we were Speed Metal and Thrash Metal before there was such a thing" "We were part of the second generation of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal I guess.

Raven and us were playing music a bit faster than bands like Saxon and The Tygers. We were playing something that turned out to be influential, although we never knew it at the time" - Garry Pepperd Past Band Members: Jeff Cox - Bass (1979-1985, 1998-2000). Chris Lovell - Drums (1979-1984). Rob Reiss - Vocals (1980-1982). Paul Merrell - Vocals (1982-1985). Gary Davies - Drums (1984-1985). Les Foster - Drums (1984). Darren Furze - Bass (1998-2005). William Sealey - Drums (2009-2011). Jamie Manton - Vocals (1998-2014). L-g Persson - Vocals (2015 - 2015)..

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