Sir Bodrick (Bass [since 2007]), Milton Peterson (aka The Mad Monk) (Drums [since 2007], ex-The Meads Of Asphodel), James Fogarty (aka Grand Master Jaldaboath) (Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard [since 2007], The Bombs Of Enduring Freedom, The Meads Of Asphodel, Ewigkeit, Old Forest), Sir Peter the Dragon (Guitar)

Once upon a time, our bawdy hero Grand Master Jaldaboath (Officer of Oratory and Knight of the Keyboard Realms) set out in search of brother knights with whom to follow the path of troubadour chivalry and continue the quest towards marathon quests of alehorns and wenching. Thus it was, he found the mighty Sir Bodrick of Tring (knight of the Brazen Bass), the artful Sir Benjamin Turcopole of Surrey (First Drummer Deluxe) and the very tall Sir Peter the Dragon of Hampshire (Grand Guitarist Inspector).

This brotherhood have rapidly developed into the finest (and the only) 'Heraldic Templar Metal' ™ battalion yet known. Today they are forging ahead with a campaign of well received appearances at various heavy metal jousts throughout the kingdoms of the British Isles (including headlining the Sophie stage at Bloodstock 2014). With anthems such as "Raise the Crummhorns", "Bash the Bishop", "The Bitch of Chiselhurst Caves" and "Axe Wielding Nuns", JALDABOATH bring us the long-forgotten artistry of the medieval jig and have most cert forged a form of metal previously unknown to man or beast. Work is being undertaken to bring a musical siege engine of mammoth proportions with which they will lay siege to all corrupt castles, set fire to all buggering Bishoprics and spread their battle hymns of victory. If you have a problem, if no one else can help and if you can find them - maybe you can hire: JALDABOATH !.

JALDABOATH play the following styles exclusively ; Heraldic Templar Metal, Castle-dwelling Cacophonic Rock, Head-banging Horse-riding Metal, Jousting Jongleur Jazz, Teutonic Templar Thrash, Hammering Heraldic Metal, Rennaisance Raggamuffin Rawk...