Krzysztof Oset (Vocals, Bass [since 1989], ex-Alkatraz), Jarek Gronowski (Guitar [since 2004]), Mariusz Pr?tkiewicz (Drums [since 2004]), Roman Kostrzewski (Vocals [1981-2004] [since 2007], ex-Alkatraz), Piotr Luczyk (Guitar [since 1979], founder member), Jacek Regulski (Guitar [1988-1989], Senat), Ireneusz Loth (Drums [1979-2004]), Krzysztof Stasiak (Bass [1988-1989]), Krzysztof Pistelok (Guitar), Michal Laksa (Bass), Piotr Radecki (Guitar), Wojciech Mrowiec (Guitar [1981-1986]), Henry Beck (Vocals Credo (GER), Pik), Jarek Gronowski (Guitar Adrenalina, Dragon), Tomasz Jaguœ (Bass [1981-1988], Stos), Valdi Moder (Guitar [1997-1999], CETI, Alkatraz), Mariusz Pretkiewicz (Drums Division By Zero), Ryszard Pisarski (Guitar [1981])

KAT The metal legend and thrash trailblazer from behind the Iron Curtain was established as an instrumental group by Piotr Luczyk, the band’s guitarist in 1979.

Two years later, on the eve of the introduction of the Martial Law in communist Poland the band is joined by a vocalist. Following several successful gigs and festivals and a win at the most renowned Eastern Europe rock festival in Jarocin in 1984, KAT was noticed by Western experts and records its first album “Metal and Hell” under the Belgian “Ambush Records” label. The planned European tour does not come to fruition due to political turmoil behind the Iron Curtain - the band members are denied passports to travel. At home KAT supports a number of bands including Hanoi Rock and Pretty Maids and joins Metallica on their Polish leg of the Master of Puppets tour. The band spends next years focusing on studio albums. In 1998 KAT is honoured with the only tribute album ever for a Polish band.

“Czarne zastepy” features such heavy-weights as Vader and Behemoth and their renditions of KAT’s tracks. The band tours with Motorhead, Killer and Iron Maiden. In 2005 as part of the „Mind Cannibals” promo tour KAT joins Six Feet Under for their European tour. The band then joins Helloween for a tour together. In 2006 the band suspends activity. Piotr Luczyk organises music festivals in Europe: Metallica ZLOT in Poland and Germany and the biggest European Cover Festival. In 2014 KAT unexpectedly returns with the acoustic-symphonic record “Acoustic - Osiem filmow” In 2016 the band enters the studio where it records their latest material, mysteriously named „Without Looking Back”..

KAT – Polska Grupa Muzyczna założona w Katowicach na przełomie 1979 / 1980.

KAT - Rock / Metal band