Katalepsy (RUS)

Katalepsy (RUS)
Anton (Guitar), Anatoly (Bass), Igor Filimontsev (Vocals Big End Bolt), Dmitry (Guitar), Evgeniy Novikov (Drums), Andrey "Bauglir" Potsionov (Drums ex-Crop Order, ex-Esgharioth), Cannx (Guitar), Ruslan "Mirus" Iskandaroff (Vocals ex-Crop Order), Konstantin "Helvete" Djatlov (Guitar), Ardentis (Vocals Stardown, Hostile Breed), Alexey Semenov (Drums), Osip (Drums), Nikita (Vocals)

KATALEPSY was born in 2004 in Moscow when forefathers played death metal in other bands and decided to do something new.

The first demo FEMICIDE brought the first victims to the altar of brutality. KATALEPSY became stronger and began to foray outside Moscow.

In 2007 they gave birth to their debut full-length MUSICK BRINGS INJURIES and the blood was spilled in the circle pits and mosh-battles all over the Russia. The next year the band made the control shot by TRIUMPH OF EVILUTION split CD with partners in crime from Fleshrot and Blunt Force Trauma.

This CD gave an opportunity to do foreign invasions. The first strike was made in Swiss, at night of Mountains of Death’08 Open Air.

There were slamming incantations, ritual circle pits and brutal death. I tell you so, because I was there and saw it.

After that KATALEPSY began to make raids over Europe. Shows and festivals in Germany, Swiss, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Czech Republic and Finland became battlefields of unholy beatdowns and technical grooves.

After some personal problems the masters of bonecrushing rose up to move kings of death metal on their thrones. It happened in 2010 when YOUR FEAR IS OUR INHABITANCY EP was unleashed.

For making this strike deadly KATALEPSY began 3 weeks tour in Europe which left just only ashes and madness. They lost a part of line-up but their names will be hearing in Slam Heaven eternally.

After that KATALEPSY inked by black blood the deal with UNEQUE LEADER REC. And the band wanted to revenge...

Two years later five Moscow’s butchers vomited new full length monster – AUTOPSYCHOSIS! This album summoned new followers under colors of KATALEPSY. Strategy was the same: tours and single shows to sow Europsychosis and bear the words of death.

That time they were not alone but in conspiracy with mighty Unique Leader REC. and it looked like mass madness and total annihilation.

Year of 2016… Time to bury you dead… Do your hear something scratching under the ground? Do you wait somebody from the other side? Do you know what will happen with you after the last heartbeat, when your blood has become cold and bones have lost the flesh? There is a time for everything – GRAVENOUS HOUR! .

Katalepsy is a brutal death metal band from Moscow. Discography: 2007 - Musick Brings Injuries (LP) 2009 - Triumph Of Evolution (Split CD) 2010 - Your Fear Is Our Inhabitancy (Promo EP) 2013 - Autopsychosis (LP) Label: Unique Leader records

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