Keep Of Kalessin

Keep Of Kalessin
Obsidian Claw (Guitar, Keyboard ex-Satyricon (session member)), Wizziac (Bass Eternal Silence, ex-Sage), Vyl (aka Vegard Larsen) (Drums Subliritum, Chton, Aptorian Demon, Goat The Head, ex-Antares Predator), Thebon (Vocals), Warach (aka Øyvind A. Winther) (Bass ex-Antares Predator, Aptorian Demon), Cernunnus (aka Tor-Helge Skei) (Guitar live member, Manes, Suffocation (NOR), ex-Atrox (NOR)), Kesh (Bass session member), Frost (aka Kjetil Haraldstad) (Drums 1349, Satyricon, ex-Zyklon-B, ex-Gorgoroth, ex-Gehenna), Attila Csihar (Vocals Mayhem (NOR), Burial Chamber Trio, Current 93, Grave Temple, Tormentor (HUN), ex-Aborym (ITA), ex-Korog, ex-Plasma Pool), Ghâsh (Vocals Aptorian Demon, ex-Antares Predator)

Keep Of Kalessin was formed in 1995 and has throughout the years only released 4 studio albums and 1 EP due to personal disputes and a very bumpy road for founder and songwriter Obsidian C. But with the release of "Armada" in 2006 the band took the much deserved step into the ranks of the top metal bands from Norway. With top reviews in all metal media worldwide, nominations in Spellemannsprisen and Alarm awards, 4 european tours and many festivals only in the last two years, the band has built a good reputation for their unique epic extreme metal in the metal community around the globe. The album "Kolossus" was released in May 2008 and the band was touring extensively for a couple of years including support for Dimmu Borgir and Behemoth on their US tour in 2008. In 2010 the band again broke new ground when they participated in Melodi Grand Prix, the national edition of the Eurovision song contest.

The band shocked everyone when they won the first regional final and reached as far as 3rd place in the national final. With this participation the band reached far outside of the metal community being A-listed on norwegian radio and being talked about constantly in the mainstream press. In May 2010 their latest offering "Reptilian" was released to standing ovasions from all metal media.

The album went straight into number 2 on the norwegian charts and was also doing well in both Europe and US. This also resulted in extensive touring reaching around 200 shows in support of the album in both North America and Europe.

The band also did their first South American show in front of 800 crazy fans. Currently the band has decided to calm down on the touring, but are already working on a new album which will be released in October 2012. More info on .