Arild Aardalen (Keyboard), Chister Andresen (Vocals, Guitar, Bass), Gjermund Elgenes (Vocals), Mats Rybo (Vocals), H-Man (Drums), Asle Tronrud (Violin), Per Hillestad (Drums), Jorn Holen (Drums), Gunhild Mathea Olaussen (Violin), Anette Fodnes (Vocals), Maja Svisdahl (Vocals), Anne Marit Bergheim (Vocals, Mandolin)

Keldian debuted with the album Heaven's Gate in 2007 (music and lyrics right here:, and followed it up with Journey Of Souls in 2008 (music and lyrics:

Both records were originally released through the US-based Perris Records, but all Keldian music is now exclusively distributed by Keldian's own Galactic Butterfly Music. In 2013 Keldian returned to action with their third album - Outbound (right here: Stay tuned to our Facebook page and our official website,, for up-to-date information and purchases of music and merchandise..

KELDIAN; from the Old Norse word kelda ‎(“a well, a spring”)