Gard (Sverre Stokland) (Vocals, Guitar Tulus), Grimd (Bass [since 2002]), Sarke (Drums Tulus), Rinn (Guitar), Eikind (Bass [2000-2002]), Brandt (Thomas B.) (Bass [2002], Red Harvest, Insanity (NOR), Arctic Thunder, Dunkel), Sir Graanug (Bass [2002], Eikind, Tulus, Winds (NOR), Age Of Silence)

Khold was formed in Oslo, Norway in 2000, by Sarke (drums) and Gard (vocals, guitar).

These two musicians came from the band Tulus, and Khold was formed because of a desire to be a “real band”, with a steady, completelineup and opportunities to play live shows. They recruited two musicians to fit the empty slots: Rinn (guitar) and Eikind (bass guitar).

A demo was recorded, and late 2000 Khold was signed by Moonfog. The first Khold album, ‘Masterpiss of Pain’, was released in 2001, with a critic referring to the album as a “fresh breath upon the black metal scene”. Later in the year, Khold went touring in Europe to support the album. Khold’s second album, Phantom, was released in 2002 through Moonfog.

Since Khold at that time did not have a bass player after Eikind left the previous year, former Tulus bassist Sir Graanug was hired for the Phantom sessions. Brandr was then helping out for a couple of gigs until Grimd joined later in the year. In the same year, Khold joined forces with Satyricon on a Nordic tour.

They once again joined Satyricon for another six weeks on a European tour the following year. In late 2003, Khold recorded their third album, ‘Mørke gravers kammer’, and also made a music video for the song ‘Død’. The album was released in 2004, through Candlelight Records.

The following year Khold went on yet another Norwegian tour. Both Phantom and Mørke gravers kammer were nominated for the Alarm award in the respective years of their release. In 2006 Khold released the album 'Krek' and played a few shows before deciding to take a break. The members did some other projects but in 2008 they decided to record yet another album, 'Hundre år gammal'. Although 'Hundre år gammal' was released 2008 their first live appearance after the release was delayed until 2011, when they did three shows; Furustokkfestivalen, Wacken Open Air and Brutal Assault.

After having played a couple of shows during the next year they finally decided to record a new album in june 2014. The title will be 'Til Endes' and is scheduled for release in september 2014. .

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