Kill (SWE)

Kill (SWE)
Carl Warslaughter (Vocals, Bass ex-Bestial Mockery, ex-Funeral Curse, Zyclone System, ex-Sons of Satan, ex-Diabolicum), J. Voltage (Guitar Tehom, ex-Church Bizarre, ex-Karnarium, ex-Devil Lee Rot, ex-Pagan Rites, ex-Autopsy Torment, ex-Cross Bow), Getaz (Drums Likblek, ex-Necroplasma, Deatholocaust, ex-Stykkmord), Hellheiler (Guitar), DD Executioner (Guitar Sadistic Grimness, Diabolicum, ex-Angst (SWE)), Gorgorium (Guitar, Bass Diabolicum, Tehom, ex-Divine Desecration, ex-Imperial), Jens "Killhailer" Pedersen (Vocals Victimizer (DK), Church Bizarre, Undergang, ex-Crucifix (DK), ex-Ad Noctum (DK)), Black Curse (Guitar), Hellthrasher (Bass), Havoc (Vocals), Assassmon (Bass)

1997: Getaz and Black Curse starts the band 1998: Bassplayer Assassmon joins the band and rehearsing starts for real under the banner that is KILL.

1999: Nocturnal Death demo comes out. The first edition of 100 copies sells out quickly so a new version with the bonus track "satanic Chaos" is released in 243 copies. 2000: The Necro ep is released on Getaz label Evil Never Dies Prod(RIP). Limited to 500 copies.

Nocturnal Death released on pro tape on Witchhammer prod (thailand). First live ritual with the bands Pagan Rites, Scurvy and Deathforce. 2001: Assassmon leaves the band for mental reasons. 2002: Warslaughter joins the band.

Recording of the first Album starts. Live rituals with bands such as Bestial Mockery, Watain and Necroplasma. 2003: The album Horned Holocaust is released on vinyl only on the norwegian label Worship Him records, limited to 666 copies. Warslaughter leaves the band. Killheiler and Hellthrasher joins the band. Live gigs with bands such as Suicidal Winds, Bestial Mockery, Karnarium, Destroyer666 and Sadistic Grimness. Morbid Curse rehearsal tape limited to 100 copies is released. 2004: Horned holocaust released on cd by Invictus Productions.

Live for satan tape released by Satanic Propaganda. recording of the next album is done. Hellthrasher and Black Curse part ways with the band.

2005: Gorgorium and DD joins the band. Minitour across europe with the bands Haatstrijd, Infinity and Summon Killheiler and DD leaves the band. 2006: Voltage and Hellheiler joins the band. 2007: Inverted Funeral fullenght album is released By Total Holocaust Records. WARSLAUGHTER has returned as fulltime vocalist! Hellheiler was forced to leave due to musical differences with the rest of the band. 2009: New album recorded in january aswell as split 10inch with Thornspawn.

No Catharsis is released by worship him records (cd/lp). Gigs are being planned 2010: The Necro Files compilation cd is out.

Split 10 inch/cd with Thornspawn is released. 2011: Burning Blood released. 2012: Gorgorium leaves the band and Warslaughter takes on the Bass duties. .

Nocturnal Death Demo 1999 Necro EP 2001 Morbid Curse Demo 2003 Horned Holocaust Full-length 2004 Live for Satan Live album 2004 Inverted Funeral Full-length 2007 No Catharsis Full-length 2009 United in Hell's Fire - Tribute to Goat Destroyer and Judas Isaksson Split 2010 The NecroFiles Compilation 2011 Burning Blood Full-length 2012 1 For Satan Live album 2014 The Black Celebration / The Sands of Despair Split 2014 The Death Rape EP 2014 Great Death Full-length 2016