Killswitch Engage

Killswitch Engage
Jeese Leech James (Vocals [1999-2002] [since 2012], The Empire Shall Fall, Times Of Grace, ex-Nothing Stays Gold, ex-Seemless, ex-Corrin), Mike D'Antonio (Bass [since 1999], Overcast (USA)), Joel Stroetzel (Guitar [since 1999], ex-Aftershock, Times Of Grace), Adam Dutkiewicz (Vocals, Guitar [since 1999], Burn Your Wishes, Times Of Grace, ex-Aftershock), Justin Foley (Drums [since 2003], Blood Has Been Shed, ex-Red Tide (USA)), Patrick Lachman (Guitar [2007], live member, Dr. Mastermind, ex-Diesel Machine, ex-Gargoyle (USA), ex-Halford, ex-Damageplan), Pete Cortese (Guitar [2000-2001], Overcast (USA), ex-Seemless), Howard Jones (Vocals [2002-2012], Blood Has Been Shed, Devil You Know), Tom Gomes (Drums [2002-2003], ex-Aftershock)


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