Kvass (Guitar [since 2002]), Stian Jonsgareng (Bass [since 2003]), Folkedal (Drums [since 2009], live member), Mannevond (Vocals, Guitar [since 2001]), Voidar (Guitar [since 2009], live member), Jonas Raskolnikov Christiansen (Bass [2002-2003]), Dragev (Guitar [2001]), Tom V. "Fordervelse" Nilsen (Drums [2002-2009]), Geir Antonsen (Guitar [2004-2009]), General Kshatriya (Guitar [2003], live member)

Drammen, a shunned old industrial town, situated along the dirty riverbanks of Drammenselva.

Most Norwegians merely look upon this place as a grey and foul road junction, on the way to Oslo. It was here that vocalist Mannevond founded KOLDBRANN during 2001.

For the dark Norwegian scene it was a time of consolidation with the first edition of the Inferno Festival in Oslo marking the beginning of a new age, where Black Metal took the final step out of the murky obscurity of the underground into a mainstream event. Musically the scene also evolved from the original formulas dictated by such giants as DARKTHRONE, MAYHEM and EMPEROR into something different as exemplified by the latter’s last album release "Prometheus: The Discipline Of Fire And Demise" (2001). Yet there were those, who would not let the black flame extinguish and keep the old school alive.

KOLDBRANN were clearly among those rising defenders of the faith. After a guitarist named Dragev left the first incarnation of the band already in its first year, Mannevond recruited Kvass as his replacement and drummer Fordervelse.

This line-up releases a demo aptly titled Pre-Prod 2002 the next year, which gains them immediate acclaim in the underground. Jonas Raskolnikov Christiansen from Slavia completes the line-up on bass.

A strictly limited rehearsal tape "Mislyder Fra Det Nekrotiske Kammer" (2002) is circulated within the Norwegian scene, but some copies find their way around the globe and start a low but audible buzz. An invitation to the Legions of the North Festival in Hamar sets KOLDBRANN onto the live stage for the first time.

The whisper becomes a murmur now, which gains the Norwegians a record deal. KOLDBRANN record their debut "Nekrotisk Inkvisition" and distribute a limited self-release in connection with their performance at the now already prestigious Inferno Festival at Easter 2003. The official release comes in summer the same year.

Jonas leaves to focus on Slavia. His bass-duties are taken over by Stian Johnskareng, who changes his band-name to S.G.J.

later. A handful of club shows in Norway is followed by a mini-tour through the Balkans, where KOLDBRANN play in Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina amongst other countries. The year 2004 starts with a split 7" with LJÅ and "Nekrotisk Inkvisition" is launched a second time by a German label, which gains this album wider attention and critical acclaim like 14/15 points in German Legacy magazine and a 5/6 in Scream (Norway).

KOLDBRANN decide to incorporate a second guitarist and have this slot filled by G. Antonsen.

More club concerts in Norway follow in support of such acts as URGEHAL, MYRKSKOG and RAGNAROK and in December the band joins ENDSTILLE on the road in Europe. More shows are added in 2005 among them the German United Metal Maniacs and Austrian Dunkelheit Festival, while at home KOLDBRANN open for MAYHEM, CARPATHIAN FOREST and GEHENNA. Another 7" "Atomvinter" is released in 2006 and the festivals get bigger with performances in Norway as well as the Kaltenbach and Up From The Ground Open Airs in Germany.

KOLDBRANN unleash their sophomore full-length "Moribund" (2006) and reap a harvest of high press grades including 6/7 Metal Hammer and 13/15 Legacy in Germany as well as another 5/6 in Norwegian Scream Magazine. Having grown in status and gained a solid following KOLDBRANN embark on their first European headlining tour before rounding up their very successful year 2006 with another split 7" in union with their underground compatriots FAUSTCOVEN. Celebrating the spirit of Norwegian Black Metal KOLDBRANN join TAAKE and URGEHAL for a rampage throughout Europe in April 2007 that gained some notoriety due to some later regretted actions by TAAKE fronter Hoest.

KOLDBRANN are invited to play the Inferno Festival again and also get booked to Summer Breeze in Germany. An Eastern European tour with Marduk ends after five shows due to a fraudulent Polish booking agent according to the band.

There is little activity throughout 2008 with the exception of an appearance at Party.San Open Air and various smaller festivals. True to their roots, KOLDBRANN delight their adherents with the EP "Stigma: På Kant Med Livet". Another European tour with Swedish trouble-makers SHINING in 2009 cements the band’s status as an excellent live act, which is also underlined by the third invitation to the Inferno Festival, a return to Summer Breeze and their debut show at Bergen’s renowned Hole in the Sky Festival.

This line-up puts out its final 7" "Russian Vodka" (2009) containing two unexpected cover songs of the Eastern European Speed Metal bands KORROZIA METALLA and BOMBARDER. After this release KOLDBRANN undergo some changes in membership as they part ways with drummer Fordervelse and G.

Antonsen. The latter is replaced by Voidar on guitar, while the drum chair is now occupied by Folkedal. KOLDBRANN drift into a small hiatus with only a few club concerts in 2010 and just one carefully selected underground festival in the middle of the mountains during 2011.

Mannevond is also active as bass player in URGEHAL since 2006, which he leaves in 2011 to focus on KOLDBRANN again. The band started working on their third album in 2010 and recording in 2011.

The Norwegians take their time to deliver quality over a speedy production. As a result "Vertigo" is finally finished during 2012. Heralding their third full-length, KOLDBRANN deliver a foretaste of things to come with the 7" "Totalt Sjelelig Bankerott" (2012).

This single sets the mood for "Vertigo". Mannevond and his partners in crime still draw deep from their black roots., but at the same time add an uncanny groove and capturing rocking undertone to their established formula.

KOLDBRANN present traditional Norwegian Black Metal and at the same time incorporate wider elements that for example WATAIN have also taken from and even industrial as well as vintage synthesizer sounds. Beware! This “Vertigo” will leave your head spinning!.

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