Krampus (ITA)

Krampus (ITA)
Alessandro Galliera (Guitar), Alfredo Macuz (Drums Hammered), Filippo Gianotti (Vocals), Matteo Sisti (Folk Instruments, Flute, Bagpipes Eluveitie), Davide Zamparo (Bass), Marika Geremia (Vocals, Violin), Leonardo Rizzi (Guitar Otivm), Alex Lessio (Vocals), Riccardo Romanelli (Guitar), Tuval Refaeli (Drums Equilibrium, Viscera Trail), Francesco Zanzotto (Guitar), Tommaso Adriano (Keyboard), Carlo Andrian (Drums)

Biography KRAMPUS: FACING THE FUTURE RATHER THAN THE PAST The Italian Modern Folk Metal band Krampus can safely be regarded as the most promising and fast-rising star in their genre, all the while further expanding the boundaries of Folk Metal as we know it.

With 8 band members and extensive use of traditional folk instruments, they invite to draw comparisons to the very elite of bands that devote themselves to bringing together old and new. But unlike the majority of the latter, Krampus face the future rather than the past – both musically and lyrically.

After only a few shows, Krampus already drew crowds nearing the 1’000-mark in their hometown. Soon after, they have found themselves signed to a record label and represented by one of Metal’s leading booking agencies.

Their first full-length effort, Survival Of The Fittest, has been produced by Krampus’s charismatic frontman Filippo Gianotti himself at Udine’s legendary Blackmirror Studios was released in late August 2012. Shortly after the release, Krampus embarked on their very first European tour joining Wintersun and Korpiklaani on 2012’s edition of the hugely successful Heidenfest tour.

"Our Declaration: Krampus, the winter demon, has survived the repression of the modern gods. Born from shame for the mankind decay, under the cold breeze in the shades of the Alps, we join him in his dealing out of the fallible human’s just deserts.

Like roots breaking concrete, we shake minds dulled by the weakness of present society. We fight fearlessly for our beliefs, aiming to give back at least some of what has been taken from mother nature.

We kindle the embers hidden inside each and every one of you, choked by the lies of nations: Embers of Honour, Pride, Traditions, and Freedom." According to Alpine myths and legends, Krampus, the incubus accompanying St. Nicholas, warns and punishes misbehaving children.

In a not-so-different effort to right some of the wrongs they perceive, the members of Krampus the band strongly value the underlying message transported in their lyrics: “Humanity is losing sight of being part of a whole. Everywhere we struggle to survive in a world with corrupted rules.

We eat every resource in a hectic run to nowhere, lacking respect for what we trample on to reach our abundant desires.We try to open the eyes of mankind on the foolishness of our modern lifestyle. Time has come to wake up and break the chains of this selfishness and achieve balance with our own needs and earth’s good.”.

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