Labyrinth (ITA)

Labyrinth (ITA)
Roberto Tiranti (aka Rob Tyrant) (Vocals [since 1997], Vanexa), Carlo Andrea Magnani (aka Olaf Thorsen) (Guitar [1991-2002] [since 2009], ex-Eddy Antonini), Andrea de Paoli (aka Andrew McPauls) (Keyboard [since 1997], Expedition Delta, ex-Shadows of Steel, ex-Vision Divine), Andrea Bartoletti (Bass [1991-1994], ex-Earthmover, ex-Shining Fury), Ken Taylor (Keyboard [1991-1996]), Fabio "Lione" Tordiglione (aka Joe Terry) (Vocals [1991-1996], Vision Divine, Rhapsody Of Fire, ex-Athena (ITA)), Franco Rubulotta (aka Frank Andiver) (Drums [1991-1996], Anger (ITA), Shadows Of Steel, Wonderland (ITA)), Mattia "Mat" Stancioiu (Drums [1997-2009], Magnifiqat, ex-Cydonia (ITA), ex-Mandragora Scream, ex-Vision Divine, ex-Pandaemonium (ITA), ex-Alice In Darkland, ex-Arkenemy), Adolfo "Morby" Morbiducci (Vocals [1998-1999], Domine, Sabotage (ITA), ex-Arthur Falcone, ex-Dark Lord, ex-Time Machine, ex-Airspeed), Cristiano Bertocchi (aka Chris Breeze) (Bass [1995-2006], Vision Divine), Pierangelo "Pier" Gonella (Guitar [2003-2009], Necrodeath, Mastercastle, ex-Odyssea, ex-Athlantis), Andrea Cantarelli (aka Anders Rain) (Guitar [1991-2014])

For those who listen to heavy metal and love one of the most successful sub-genres of this music known as power metal, Labÿrinth is surely a band who needs no introduction.

Founded in 1991 in Massa (Tuscany), this Italian band became one of the prime-movers of a genre which in the late 90's - early 2000's became hugely popular amongst the heavy metal faithful, especially in Europe. After the success of their first demo, first EP, and debut album, in 1998 the band released their signature album, “Return to Heaven Denied”.

With singer Rob Tyrant (Roberto Tiranti) taking the place of Joe Terry (Fabio Lione, who would then move on to join Rhapsody), “Return To Heaven Denied” was embraced by fans and metal scribes alike and gave a strong push not only to the band’s career, but also to the Italian metal scene as a whole. It is still regarded as a classic piece of work in the genre to this day.

The follow up album, “Sons of Thunder” was released in August 2000, breaking onto the official album charts in Japan and Italy. More albums followed, but several lineup changes (with singer Tiranti and guitarist/composer Olaf Thorsen going in and out of the band) brought the band – after the release of “Return to Heaven Denied, Pt. 2 - A Midnight Autumn Dream” in 2010 - to an indefinite hiatus.

In the spring of 2016, the band members received a call from Frontiers, asking the founding members Cantarelli and Thorsen to discuss with Roberto Tiranti the real possibilities of a return to form comeback from the band. After much tribulation, the guys agreed to make an album and also make a special appearance at the the first annual Frontiers Metal Festival, where they performed the album “Return to Heaven Denied” in it’s entirety for a future home video release. With a new line-up rounded up by drummer extraordinaire John Macaluso (TNT, Riot, Ark etc.), Oleg Smirnoff (Vision Divine, Edritch) on keyboards, and Nik Mazzucconi on bass, Labÿrinth are truly stronger than ever and are back with a superb self-produced album, “Architecture of a God” (mixed by DGM’s Simone Mularoni) which encompasses all the elements the band is known for.

Fast power metal songs with unforgettable hooks, epic prog infused metal songs, and some great melodic numbers that compose a record which is easily going to be another milestone for the Italian Metal Masters! LABŸRINTH Roberto Tiranti – lead vocals Olaf Thorsen – lead guitars Andrea Cantarelli – lead guitars Nik Mazzucconi – bass guitar Oleg Smirnoff - keyboards John Macaluso - drums Discography: Midnight Resistance(EP) (1994) Piece of Time(EP) (1995) No Limits (1996) Return to Heaven Denied (1998) Timeless Crime(EP) (1999) Sons of Thunder (2000) Labyrinth (2003) Freeman (2005) 6 Days to Nowhere (2007) Return to Heaven Denied Pt. II: "A Midnight Autumn's Dream" (2010) Architecture of a God (2017) .

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