Pekka Heino (Vocals [since 2005], Brother Firetribe), Marko Niskala (Keyboard [since 2005]), Torsti Spoof (Guitar [since 2005], The Magnificent), Tuomas Heikkinen (Guitar [since 2005]), Valtteri Revonkorpi (Drums [since 2005]), Sami Norrbacka (Bass [since 2009]), Pekka Lampinen (Bass [2005-2009])

Leverage? What the hell is Leverage? A heavy metal band from Finland.

Could there be anything more cliched than that? And what kind of name for a metal band is Leverage anyway? It’s a TV-show! And what is that cute singer of that other band doing with a bunch of sorry ass wanna-be metal guys such as this lot? Right on, stop reading. You know what. We’ve made three albums that kick ass.

Tides (2006), Blind Fire (2008) and Circus Colossus (2009). Don’t take our word for it, read the reviews or even better, tune up and open your ears.

You might be surprised. And you know what, also. We’re not a power metal band.

We’re not an AOR band, for God’s sake. We’re not a tribute to the 80’s band.

We don’t fall into a category, not because we couldn’t but because we don’t want to. For us it’s about making and playing music with heart and soul and having a blast doing it.

Been like that since day one and will remain so. We’ve got our own style, our very own way of making heavy rock in the 2000’s. Our stamp says Leverage.

No more needed. Check us out, won’t cost you anything but a few minutes. .

I remember, I recall like it was yesterday...