Alenas Blakulla (Guitar Angis, Xess), Shatras (Guitar), Gytis "Kingas" (Drums Poccolus, Xess, Angis, ex- Antigoné, ex- Li?nuosna), Kommander L. a.k.a. Luctus (Vocals, Guitar, Bass Fuck Off And Die, Svartthorn, ex- Moonrise), Darius Laurinavi?ius (Guitar Xess, Angis, ex-Li?nuosna, ex-Anapilis), Laurynas "Beska" (Vocals, Guitar live member, Xess, Angis, ex-Li?nuosna, ex-Anapilis), Alessio Brugiotti a.k.a. Agares (Drums session member,Throne Of Decadence, ex-Ars Onirica, ex-Ghouls, ex-Metempsychosis), Sergejus Lebedevas (Drums live member, Nahash, Ossastorium, guest on Mr. Jumbo, ex- GodZero), Justinas Vabuolas (Bass Ossastorium)

LUCTUS is a strong black metal act from Lithuania with an extensive discography and touring experience, devoted to the extreme metal passion.

Started in 2001 as one man band by Kommander L. the band released three albums and several other releases.

In 2003 was released the CD "The dawn ov the eclipsed desperation" (re-released in 2013 by Inferna Profundus Rec.), in 2004 was released the mini CD "Ad Arma!" and the name of LUCTUS began to spread in the underground of black metal. In March of 2007 the biggest Lithuanian extreme metal label Ledo Takas Records released a split album with Lithuanian black metal band Argharus, entitled "Sonitus Caeli Ardentis".

From the summer of 2006 Kommander L. managed two sessionists to strike in live shows.

In 2009 Ledo Takas rec. presents the new LUCTUS full-lenght album "Jaučiant pabaigą arti".

Recorded in the Latvian "Phoenix" studios - 11 tracks of crunchy thrashing black metal with certain old-school spirit, able to shake the ground with a cannon-like burst! From 2009 LUCTUS has a stable line-up and did many local and foreign live assaults. In 2013 Inferna Profundus Rec.

released the first stable line-up full-lenght album "Stotis" and in spring of 2013 the band went on tour for two weeks across the Europe to present the new album. After some months was released the LP version of "Stotis" and Inferna Profundus Rec.

released a lot of t-shirts, patches and other merchandise. In 2015 LUCTUS recorded the third full-lenght piece of extreme black metal - "Ryšys".

Once again Inferna Profundus Rec. released the new album and the band has presented the release with several local acts and during an European tour with Belgian black'n'roll band Spermafrost.

The Mexican label Cenizas Records released the LP Gatefold of "Ryšys" with 8 pages booklet. Today LUCTUS is one of the well-known Lithuanian metal acts, it's a mature and stable creature with it's specific sound and image.

The band is counting 85 live performances, more than 40 were made in foreign countries like Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Latvia and Estonia. The Lithuanian brigade did two European tours and played in a few well known festivals Barroseal SWR Metalfest (Portugal), Under the black sun (Germany), Hell Fast Attack (Czech Republic), Armageddon Descends (Lithuania).


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