Fjildslach (Drums Salacious Gods), Maarten (aka Swerc) (Bass session member, Krocht, Winter Of Sin, Gheestenland, ex-Adendum Demise, ex-Besiect, ex-Maliën), Asega (Vocals), Striid (Guitar Mord (USA), Irhmgaar, Satanic Funeral, ex-Kerberos (NL), ex-Salacious Gods), Tsjuster (Guitar Skrik, Krocht), Necrophallus (Vocals Paria (GER)), Hermit (Vocals), Kriich (Drums Misanthropy (USA)), Lezelzweard (Bass Salacious Gods, ex-The Wounded)

| 1999 - Striid, back and forth through blasphemy, forms Lugubre. - “Kriich" demo is recorded. | 2000 - “Kriich" demo is cast upon the world. - Hermit joins on vocals. - Iezelzweard joins on bass. - Kriich joins on drums. | 2001 - “Promo 2001" containing "Smashing the Traitors" and "Nuclear Counterstrike" is released. - First live rituals were executed. - “United in Mankind's Annihilation" split cd with Misanthropy (USA) is recorded. | 2002 - “Bloodshedding War Hymns" is recorded. - “United in Mankind's Annihilation" split cd with Misanthropy (USA) is released. - Joins Urgehal and Seeds of Hate on a mini tour. - Plays on Under the Black Sun festival alongside Taake, Urgehal, Trimonium, Tsjuder, among others. | 2003 - “Bloodshedding War Hymns" is released upon the kosmos. - Debut album “Anti Human Black Metal” is recorded in the spring. - Again Under The Black Sun Festival is the target this year, Lugubre plays alongside Taake, Zemial, Destroyer666, Azaghal, among others. | 2004 - Due to circumstances, the release of debut album “Anti Human Black Metal” is delayed untill march. - Hermit leaves the band. - Kriich leaves. | 2005 - Fjildslach joins the ranks. - Necrophallus joins. - Joins in with Shining for a short tour. | 2006 - “Templi Omnium Hominum Pacis Abhas" split cd with Teratism is recorded. - Live rituals are cast with Horna, Eternity, Kampfar, Mortuary Drape, Inquisition, Watain, Corpus Christii, Paragon Impure, Paria, Satanic Warmaster, Shining. | 2007 - Necrophallus leaves the band. - Asega joins in. - The songs “Mustard Gas Ambrosia" and “Blade to blade" are written. - “Resurrection of the beast" MCD was recorded. | 2008 - Iezelzweard leaves the band. - Swerc joins on session bass, only to fully join the band later on. - “Resurrection of the beast" MCD was released on the infamous tour with Eternity and Corpus Christii entitled “Dark Trinity Alliance". - Later this year, during the winter solstice, Tsjuster joins the band as 2nd guitar player. | 2009 - “Mustard Gas Ambrosia" single is unleashed upon the kosmos. - Joins in with Skyforger and The Stone on a short tour. - Forced to cancel live ritual on Under the Black Sun festival. - The 2nd album “Exterminate" is recorded. | 2010 - Changed the title of the new album. - New Album Supreme Ritual Genocide is released. | 2011 - Asega out the band. - Nachzehrer in the band. - Limited Gatefold LP of Supreme Ritual Genocide released.

- Writing new songs for the upcoming album. | 2016 -New Line-up Striid - Bass / Guitar A.Krieg - Vocals Asega - Vocals Fjildslach - Drums Swerc - Guitar Iezelzweard - Guitar Stoarmbringer - Guitar.

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Anti Human Black Metal