Eysten Garberg (Guitar), Espen Hammer (Guitar, Bass), Espen Warankv Godø (Vocals, Keyboard), Annelise Ofstad Aar (Vocals), Vidar Berg (Drums), Jenny Gustafsson (Violin live musician), Håkan Lundkvist (Guitar live musician), Alf Helge Lund (Drums), Stine Mari Langstrand (Vocals), Siv Lena Waterloo Laugtug (Violin), Øyvind R. (Guitar), Snorre Hovdal (Vocals, Bass), Ketil Soether (Guitar Goat The Head, The Apparatus), Sondre Øien (Bass, Back Vocals), Bjørnar Selsbak (Guitar), Vibeke Arntzen (Vocals)


Lumsk has established as a distinctive band with a large amount of character. After three albums and extensive touring, they seem confident on what they do, and their concerts are always an extraordinary experience. Lumsk gives the audience a powerful mixture of rock, metal, classic, folk and progressive rock – and they do it even better on stage than on their albums, loved by the critics. The band sings merely in Norwegian, and they want to look after the Norwegian language, traditions and the history of the country. The band’s latest album, “Det Vilde Kor”, is based on lyrics from the norwegian writer Knut Hamsund.. Lumsk took everybody by surprise when they won the by:Larm scholarship in Stavanger, February 2005. According to the jury, Lumsk was one of the most promising bands in Norway. The band swept all doubt aside, and left the jury in a state of shock: “Lumsk blew our heads off, and hit us straight in the heart” “Lumsk is a band of international standard, they are unique and original!”

After 5 years of waiting, a new album awaits...