Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom
Dushan Petrossi (Guitar, Keyboard [since 1998], founder member, Iron Mask, Arms of War), Michael Brush (Drums [since 2014], Celestial Wish, ex-Hellbastard, ex-Merciless Terror), Christian Palin (Vocals [since 2014], Random Eyes, Epicrenel, ex-Adagio, ex-Essence Of Sorrow), Vassili Moltchanov (Bass [since 1998], Cryme, Iron Mask), Julien Spreutels (Keyboard Ethernity, Sapphire (BEL)), Christoph Hofbouer (Drums), Max Leclercq (Vocals ex-Fairyland), Anton Arkhipov (Drums Exhumator (BLR), ex-Iron Mask), Olaf Hayer (Vocals Luca Turilli), Freddy Ortscheid (Drums), Philippe Giordana (Keyboard Fairyland, Iron Mask, Syrayde), Aymeric Ribot (Keyboard Headline), Roma Siadletski (Vocals), Frederik Donche (Keyboard), Manu Martin (Keyboard Patrick Rondat), Nicolas Spreutels (Drums Ethernity)

“Symphony Of War” is a versatile, powerful successor of “Metallic Tragedy”, building on the latter’s assets.

The current line-up of MAGIC KINGDOM includes Dushan Petrossi, Olaf Hayer (vocals), Vassili Moltchanov (bass), Freddy Ortscheid (drums), Phil Giordana (keyboards),Roma Siedletski(harsh vox). As the band name suggests, the lyrics lead us to a time far away in the past: it’s about honour, battles, warlords, dragons, and demons.

Surrounded by the appropriate musical atmosphere, “Symphony Of War” as a complete entity appears like a soundtrack for a blockbuster history movie. At the core of the limited edition of the double CD, you’ll find the song “Metallic Tragedy-Chapter 2″ the Holy Pentalogy ,divided in 5 separate movements which is almost half an hour long – it is a perfect epitome of all the band’s trademarks: speedy attacks are accompanied by orchestral, classical parts,epic and movie score only parts, once again mixed with the 5 different vocalists/characters of that majestic and mighty 29 min masterpiece – all without boring the listener with the same old tunes again and again.

The boys have got their priorities set!.