Malediction (UK)

Malediction (UK)
Emo Mowery (Vocals Session member), Mark McGowan (Guitar), Rich Mumford (Guitar, Keyboard), Marc Harley (Bass Session member), Darren O'Hara (Guitar ex-Cerecloth), Phil Slack (Drums), Alastair Dunn (Drums), Mark Fox (Vocals, Bass), Shaun Stephenson (Vocals), Steve Coward (Guitar)

MALEDICTION are a progressive UK-based death metal band whose influences include CELTIC FROST, REPULSION, RUSH, early MORBID ANGEL, CARNAGE, NIHILIST, DEAD CAN DANCE, TERRORIZER, DEATH and CANDLEMASS. Formed in Middlesbrough, Cleveland, UK in 1989, MALEDICTION were one of the original bands in the first wave of the modern death metal movement.

The band were the first of the new breed of English demo bands to reach vinyl with their “System Fear” 7” EP on France’s seminal THRASH RECORDS label in 1990. Gigging solidly throughout the early 90s, and gaining substantial record company interest, the band went on to release a string of demos, two further 7” EPs and in 1993 released a live MCD on GWB RECORDS entitled “Chronicles of Dissension”. Having notched up sales approaching 10,000 based on their underground reputation alone, the band signed with Norwegian label ARTIC SERENADES in 1996, after a number of attempts to finalise deals with other labels.

“The Millennium Cotillion”, the band’s full length studio debut, was recorded in 1996 but due to the collapse of the label remains unreleased to this day. Shortly after the recording of the LP in late 1996, the band split. The band reformed in April 2000 with original members Mark Fox and Rich Mumford with Mark McGowan also intending to return.

In June 2000 they released a three-track demo CD entitled “Shadows of Iniquity”. Based on unheard recordings from the 1996 period, the Promo CD showcases three progressive death metal songs, which were to provide an indication of the band’s planned new material.

In May 2001, the band returned to Bradford's In-A-City Studio where they had recorded 1996 album, "The Millennium Cotillion", with the intention of recording the planned MCD. "The Return of the Prodigal".

Unfortunately, issues with the then drummer resulted in the material that was recorded being unreleasable. Beginning in 2015 a program of reissuing previous recordings began.

In 2016 the band reformed with four of the original members returning. MALEDICTION Discography “Infestation” Demo/Sampler 1990 “System Fear” 7” EP 1990 (Thrash Records) “Framework of Contortion” Demo #2 1991 “Mould of an Industrial Horizon” 7” EP 1992 (MBR Records) Promo Only Demo #3 1992 “Weeping Tears” Demo #4 1993 “Dark Effluvium” 7” EP 1993 (PS Records) “Chronicles of Dissension” Live CD 1993 “Shadows of Iniquity” Promo CD 2000 "Chronology of Distortion" CD 2016 (Dark Blasphemies Records) Forthcoming : "Chronology of Distortion" Double LP (Dark Recollections Productions) TBA 7" 2017.

UK progressive death metal band, active from 1989 - 1996 (hiatus), semi active in 2000/2001 and active again from 2015.

Home of the legendary UK underground Death Metal band, formed in 1989.