Crüxvheryn K. (Bass Darvulia), Messiatanik Armrek (Guitar), Clerik Mor-Ka'An (Drums Ossuaire, False Prophet), Eklezjas'Tik Berzerk (Vocals)

Malhkebre is the messenger, His messenger.

Since 2002, the word of our Lord has been propagated by the sonic terrorism of four militants totally devoted to His cause: members of the sectarian organization “The Apostles of Ignominy.” Their art, which could be described as orthodox Black Metal, is a profession of faith, an act of resistance to all forms of morals and humanism. Here a pagan and bucolic Satanism is out of the question….no snow-covered forests, only emaciated, charred stumps; no white wolves except as carcasses rotting in the sun of a nuclear winter….

The group distils its venom sparingly, preferring to bide its time rather than unleash a flood of poor productions: so far, a Cassette released privately for a small number of initiates; the mini LP Prostration, first in analog (2006) then digitally (2010); a split with Aosoth in analog (2009); and an upcoming album which should be unfurled in the very near future…. On the other hand there have been numerous celebrations and a number of groups/brothers have partaken in the liturgies: Antaeus, Blacklodge, Alien Deviant Circus, Christicide, Destroyer 666, Embrace of Thorns, Hell Militia, Ofermod, Peste Noire…..

these concerts are veritable rituals that make an impression and never leave you indifferent. Like a sonic Mark, the message rests in your subconscious whether you like the performance or not.

Malhkebre spreads His word and isn’t there to put you at ease but to make you accept your paltry human condition through submission to the One….Only then can you raise yourself in suffering….you deserve it. .

LATEST INTERVIEWS : With Eklezjas’tik BerZerK, - by SOIL CHRONICLES (french - November 2010). Website : - by FORBIDDEN MAGAZINE (english - August 2010). Available on the website and on the fanzine. Website : * * * LATEST NEWZ : The Messenger MALHKEBRE will enter in Sonic Chaos Studio in July 2011 for the record of the first album. (Le messager MALHKEBRE entrera au Sonic Chaos Studio en juillet afin de débuter l'enregistrement de son premier album.) * * * NEXT CEREMONIES : Contact here : * * * RELEASES : MALHKEBRE "Prostration" (CD version of the 2006 MLP) CD with slipcase & 16 pages booklet. "Four messages of black proselytism resulting from reflections about Nothingness and Final Salvation, destined to glorify the Unique and to remind you how unfathomable His splendour is." Out on Ahdistuksen Aihio Productions : * * * MALHKEBRE / AOSOTH "The Truth Through Salt" Gatefold EP - SK'R021 ... One exclusive Liturgical Hymn from each Messenger ... Limited to 666 copies with 111 copies on grey splatter (Grey Splatter SOLD - OUT !!) (Co-production Art of Propaganda / Battlesk'Rs Productions) AVAILABLE TOO : * T-shirts & Girlies ("Logo" ; "Prostration" ; "Saturn's Wrath Tour") * Logo Stickers (15,5 x 7,5 cm) * Patches SOLD-OUT (High Quality Embroided Patch, Limited to 100 copies, Size : 20cm / 10cm) * * * OTHER LINKS : MYSPACE : THE APOSTLES OF IGNOMINY : BATTLESK'RS PRODUCTIONS :

Religious Black Metal member of the Apostles of Ignominy.